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I would like to develop a product that will allow parents and business owners to control what web sites their children or employees may access. It will work like this:

New customers will visit my site and create a new account at which time the customer will be issued a unique ID. During sign-up, the customer will also create a login ID and password, along with providing basic contact information such as email address.

Next, the customer will walk to each computer whose web access they want to control. They again will visit my site, but this time they will simply download an ‘agent' (a small software program that you will write) that they will have to install on the computer. During the installation of the agent, they will have to enter their unique ID, their password, and a description for that computer. The customer will have to visit and install the agent on each computer whose web access they want to control.

Once the agent in installed on all the computers, the customer can then go back to my website, login to their existing account, and they will immediately see a list of all the computers running the agent with their unique ID. From there, the customer can begin restricting web access.

From the backend, the customer should be able to ‘group' computers, and then control access by group. This is instead of controlling the computers individually. The ability to control computers individually is not necessary (we could just require all computers be in one group or another).

For each group, the customer could select one of the following options:

1> Block all

2> Allow all

3> Block all on list

4> Allow all on list

Options 1 & 2 are self-explanatory. If the customer selects option 3 or 4, then they must select a list from a pull-down menu. The customer can create and edit their own lists. The lists will contain URL's of websites.

Once web access privileges have been assigned to a group, a ‘cache' file of some sorts will be created and stored on the server. Each time a computer running the agent tries to access the web, it will first check for an updated cache file on the server. If the file has been updated (or this is the first time the agent is running on the computer), the computer will download the cache file to a secure location on the computer, and access will be restricted based on the contents of that file. If the computer tries to access our server to check for an updated cache file, but our server is unavailable for any reason, the cache file last downloaded will be used. (This allows the computer to still have some web access if our server happens to go down).

If a user tries to access a blocked site, they will get a web page indicating that this page has been blocked.

I need a programmer to create the server backend, including the web-based interface, and the agent to run that will install and run on the computer.


- The agent does not need to be ‘stealth'. We are not seeking to conceal that web access is limited.

- The agent must run on all Windows OS.

- The agent MUST REQUIRE administrative privileges to disable or uninstall it.

- Administrators can temporarily disable the agent, therefore allowing unrestricted access.

- Only web access is to be controlled. No need to control other internet services such as e-mail. Controlling by port 80 & 81 is OK.

- The agent must work with ALL browsers.

- The agent can be a Windows Service.

- The agent should be small, and low on resource demands.

- I would prefer a Linux/MySQL backend, but I'll leave that up to you.

- I can provide the development server, if needed.

This is a complex project. I am seeking only TOP TIER-1 programmers. No newbies or fly-by-nights. I expect frequent communication as to the status of the project, and would like to keep development time to less than 60 days (the sooner the better).

After development, you will agree to SUPPORT the product, fix bugs, and make minor tweaks and enhancements as needed. I realize on-going support and enhancements may be billable (in addition to the project costs), but I just need to know you are going to be there AFTER the project is completed.

Above I describe “Phase 1” of this project. “Phase 2” will include minor enhancements and integration into my LAMP-based billing system. “Phase 3” will include many feature enhancements.

You are bidding on Phase 1 ONLY tight now, but do not bid unless you plan to stick around and enhance the product. Again, I understand that on-going support after the project is complete may be billable, and I understand the Phases 2 & 3 ARE separate and billable. Just bid on Phase 1 now.

When responding, tell me what technologies you plan to use and provide a CONCRETE TIMELINE. I get full, exclusive, unrestricted excess to the software, including the code, you create.

We are ready now.

NOTE: I only need developers and providers who have done similar stuffs before. should post your similar work done ..

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