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I own traffic selling website. I also have a website which received quite a lot of traffic every day and I'd like to sell it.

I need a complete system that takes the incoming traffic and distributes it using iframe to all the clients.

This means that one visits can be sent to many people at once, because when the system receives a visit, a following page is presented:



<iframe src="[url removed, login to view]"></iframe>

<iframe src="[url removed, login to view]"></iframe>

<iframe src="[url removed, login to view]"></iframe>

<iframe src="[url removed, login to view]"></iframe>



This is "multi in gateway" described above. The number of the iframes must depend on the needs - if there are more campaigns that need traffic(didn't reach limit and are active), we need more iframes, if not, we need less.

This page needs to be cached and cannot be generated on the fly.

[url removed, login to view] is a "single in gateway" described below, which takes the visit, finds a campaign url and redirects it directly or by one of the special gateways like noreferrer or fake referrer gateway.

Customer panel:

I need a nice panel for customer, where customer:

- can see a list of campaigns (first active, then a list of delivered campaign, but max 3 of the delivered ones)

- can see detailed stats for each campaigns(total ordered, total delivered, last 24h delivered, avg. traffic speed since beginning, expected traffic end date). On the same page user have to be able to suspend/resume the traffic, set Downtime Protection settings, set max. daily traffic amount, set DailyStats settings.

- can see history for each campaign(events like status changes, downtime protection activity etc.)

- can buy new campaign- can set account settings like first name, lastname, password, email, mobile phone number, SMS alerts settings(send SMS alerts or not)


- can check SMS credits left and buy more credits. See list of last sent SMS messages(with links to SMS delivery confirmation)

- can download a dump of visits in CSV(or other in future) format. In fact, just a dump of DB.

- can log out

Admin panel:

- I need to see a list of customers, a list of campaigns and list of invoices. Of course, I need direct access to edit anything for each customer and campaign.

- a list of campaigns pending approvement or setup with easy way to change the status. If I choose to decline, an input box should appear where I can put a comment why it has been declined.

- Stats: how many customers, how many active customers(with active campaign), number of campaigns, amount of total traffic ordered, amount of total delivered, total amount of traffic that have been received by gateway in last 24h(for uniques and not uniques), total traffic sold(for uniques and not uniques)

- See number of global SMS credits left (will provide the code)

- Easy form to contact any customer via either email or SMS(of course, it won't eat SMS credits from customer account).

- A possibility to edit/add/delete/view autoapprove urls.


Traffic gateways:

-single in gateway: a visitor comes, is checked if it's USA visit, if not, script exits. If it's USA visit, a campaign is chosen according to it's setting and a 301 redirect is made to the campaign's url. Then, the hit is counted for the customer. If it's img traffic, then instead of 301 redirect, just print <img> tag and put campaign's url as src.

-multi in gateway: a visitor comes, if it's USA visit, a special page with iframes linking to singlein gateways. The number of iframes depends on number of active campaigns.

In case noreferrer or fakereferrer, traffic needs to be counted after it goes through the final gateway(either our local gateway for blanking or external gateway for fake ref)!

So it will be redirected to the gateway, the gateway will redirect it some other way back to count the visit, and then redirect is done.

(admin)Security detector

Every few hours(probably 1-3, will decide in CRON), every website will be downloaded and a special hash will be calculated(will provide the code).

The hash will be compared to last check and stored in DB. If the hash is different, it will go once again through the detector(will provide the code). If it finds something strange has happened(and the website is not down), campaign will be suspended with status "suspended by security detector, pending review". Of course, the customer will be notified and I will see it in my panel(with the automatical detector diagnose), so I can review it.

All fakereferrer and ranking increasing gateways need to be monitored too, but I will provide all details later.

Order form:

I need a nice, 2 level order for for customers to put onto my website. I'd like it to be in Ajax, so it will be easy to customer to add new campaigns to the list(so many different campaign can be bought and then paid with 1 payment). This can be done at the end. As all the rest will be finished, I will provide detailed specs for the form.

Downtime protection monitors each campaign's url, runs in CRON every 3 minuts.

It checks the website(I will provide the code) and if something's wrong, it suspends the campaign, notifies customer and sets campaign status to suspended by downtime protection.

Downtime protection settings:

- Full (detects invalid server response code and PHP errors)

- Medium (detects invalid server response code)

- Off (no monitoring)

DailyStats - customer can receive daily SMS or email with stats for the campaign for past 24h. This eats SMS credits.

DailyStats Settings:

- delivery method: email, SMS, both

- time (it'd be great if user could input the time in his own timezone, so it's automatically detected and recalculated).

SMS alerts - I will provide you SMS api.

SMS credits are taken off customer account ONLY if SMS alert is DailyStats SMS or Downtime Protection.

All other alerts like campaign update etc. will be free SMS alerts.

Customer contact methods:

- email

- SMS alert

Campaign "life":

1. User submits order

2. If it's img or ranking increase campaign, it's automatically approved. Otherwise, campaign status set to: pending review

3. Campaign is added to review list in admin panel and automatically scanned with serverside detector(will provide the code)

4. I review it(I need to see the detector results), if I set it to declined, the status "declined" is set, user gets alert(I need to be able to add comment!). If I approve it:

5. Campaign is set to active if it's normal traffic delivery. If it needs any setup(for fake referrer or ranking increase), campaign status is changed to "pending setup".

6. If it's ranking campaign or user have paid for script installation, I need to be able to set campaign to active easily and fast. If user have fake traffic campaign and didn't pay for installation, he needs to report it has been installed(it will be automatically checked, I will provide you the code).

7. Traffic is being sent.

8. 48h before the expected campaign end(it can be easily calculated by campaign speed) notify customer by email or sms.

9. As it's done, set campaign status to delivered.

If the url is on autoapprove list (which can be edited in admin panel), the campaign is not set to "pending review", but is automatically approved.

If customer decided to cancel the traffic, I need to be able to set cancelled status.

Customer settings:

- First name

- Last name

- Username

- Password(hash)

- Email

- Mobile phone

- SMS credit details(settings, credits left etc)

- Other contact details(so user can input IM contacts etc)..

- Comments (visible for user and admin)

Campaign settings:

- ClientID(id of client who owns this campaign)

- InvoiceID(id of invoice, as many campaigns can be bought in one order)

- Type(traffic, rank increasing)

- Traffic Delivery Type (standard, img, noreferrer, fakereferrer)

- FakeReferrerGateway (url to the gateway)

- Status(pending review, pending payment, pending setup, suspended by customer, suspended by downtime protection, suspended by security detector, active, declined, delivered, cancelled)

- Url

- Name of the campaign

- TotalTraffic ordered- DailyLimit of delivery

- Unique (if unique, client needs to get 1 ip per client per 24h)

- Exclusive (one IP is sent to only one campaign. So if the IP was already sent somewhere else, it can't be sent to campaign that is exclusive). This setting can not be visible for customers and can be set by me only.

- UComments (visible for user and admin)

- AComments (visible for admin only)

Invoice details:

- ClientID

- TotalAmount

- Paid(yes/no)

- PaymentMethod

- PaymentDateTime

- PaymentID(VARCHAR, provided by payment processor)

All gateways are ready and will be provided.

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