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************************************************** (Confidential) READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING This information is confidential and the property of the company placing this project .It should not be used, borrowed for any purpose. You Agree to these terms by reading this document. We will retain all rights to all code and product as result of any project. This version will be property of The Web [url removed, login to view] to do as we wish! Copyright 1995-2005 *********************************************** Project: Ultimate Live helpdesk Pro * We need to modify the current application and add these [url removed, login to view] goal is to create complete Helpdesk solution using open source scripts. I want this to be module based. So easy to make changes in the future. [url removed, login to view] is the script we are modifying I'm willing to discuss the easiest way to manager User/customers access. What ever is easier. 1) We need to add user system with a registration system that can be controller from script setup/configuration. This need to be script configurable for fields. Default fields Userid password Email address We should give the ability to additional fields through an interface. This Registration requirement should be optional . The system should be able to work the way it currently works. We need to add User Type : Guest or customer with a status of Active , Inactive. You can only be a Guest or customer. Guest would only have limited access to support system. Inactive would not be allowed to access system. Active would have full access based on permissions. We also need to control access by user based on department. We want to be able to control each users access with a Experation date for each department. This would determine if they have access or not - Active/Not active status. This control needs to be for all departments in Knowledgebase, Downloads, Troubleshooter , and announcements. We thought using department s would be the easiest way to go 2) Email Parser: POP3/SMTP Email Polling Auto add support requests into Support Plus direct from a dedicated email account. The email poller will auto login and add new requests or update one that already exist. These need to be managed by userid or if non present email address will become userid. This will give us a better way to mange history. This has been done for another script that can probably be re-used. 3) We need the ability to easily get the customer history using a url. http://domain/4help/operator/[url removed, login to view] This will make it easier to link to other products. 4) Add permissions to operators for items they can do and cannot do. Example add /modify knowledgebase articles. 5) Add WYSIWIG editor (FCKeditor) throughout the whole system this includes tickets, creating of knowledgebase articles, announcements , downloads. 6) Add functionality to allow all colors to be changes from configuration in admin. Also add Ability to manage all graphics from configuration in admin. 7) Add the ability to control features of the application on/off on main screen. See [url removed, login to view] . We also need to give the ability to customize titles and descriptions for all these options. Example : Troubleshooter Zero In Your Problem & Find The Solution Knowledgebase Browse the knowledgebase for frequently asked questions Downloads View Available Downloads Announcements Click Here and Find Out What's Up! What's New! Ticket Status View Your Current Ticket Status Submit a Ticket Submit a Ticket to a Department 8) In the admin add a drop down so you can easily go from one item section to another. Then add another drop down for the categoriy you are on. Example – Knowledgebase add a drop down that list s all functions for knowledgebase. 9) Add the ability to add attachments to Tickets 10) Add additional Self help functionality. Before sending any ticket request It should search the Knowledgebase for any items that match subject or subject. It would list all the results . See picture 11) Add Email confirmations for close and expired. 12) Add categories for Knowledgebase 13) Add Categories for announcement 14) Add Categories for downloads 15) Add Categories for troubleshooter 16) We need to add these option for knowledge base articles – Print Friendly (8x11) / E-mail / Save as Favorite Rate Article: 5 stars 17) Add the ability to attach a document to an knowledgebase article or announcement or troubleshooter. 18) Add another Automated E-mail response for Closed Tickets 19) Add the ability to add a survey to the bottom of Automated response fro mthe survey script. This should be a drop down that lists all current surveys available. This would be inserted into the body of the e-mail using ##survey or something like that. 20) Add Date/time option for all automated e-mails. ---------------------------------------------------- Integrate these Scripts. This means integrate so they look a like and can be used easily with the rest of the script. LiveSupport - [url removed, login to view] We need to integrate this into helpdesk portion of the system. Again based on configuration everything should be tracked by a userid – see registration. If they are not using registration system then the e-mail will be the userid. Survey Script [url removed, login to view] We will need to change the look of these screen so it looks more like the rest of the application. Different buttons/tabs etc. Use icons etc. We are willing to compromise on some of these items. We would have to discuss. We need user Registration part and some sort of way to control access to [url removed, login to view] parser and history link and integration of other products.

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