New Rewardscript

Work I want made on script.

I will give a template for frontend and .PSD for adminsection.

I want the design to be separated from the content and adminsection so that we can later integrate a template system.

Front End:


All the content will be done from the admin section with an Fck editor.

Right Column

Box 1 (if logged in)

Amount of Points

Amount recruited

List of products got in “Cart”

Little order button, when its clicked a order will be sent to the admin.

Link to Profile

Presentation (Editor), guestbook, history function, you see detailed info of every point you got. Under the presentation you will see a detailed list of all the ways you have gathered point. They will show with, Points it gave, date and time and name of the offer or the person you recruited, which website you visited, etc. etc.

Possible to upload profile image

I want some info to show about the user:

Age, State, gender, Amount of points, Recruited, Orders recived, orders made.

My statistics

History, Amount of points, all the order in a detailed list, (order sent, recived,) list of recruited, how many points they have.

Link to “Help me gather points guide”

From here you will fill in a formular, and the result will be different offers you have not made yet and links you have not visited. You can also choose if they should be free or offers that costs, this the admin chooses with choose Free or not free when adding the offer.

Box 2

if not logged in:


Forgot Password

If logged in:

Inbox (1) new messages

Config Profile

Edit your info, presentation. Choose if show your pointhistory to others, accept or decline newsletter, Delete your account, upload the profileimage.


Search member

Here you can see a list of the members with profile image, age, gender, state, Number of points.

A link to profile, a link to PM. You can choose to search a member too with these choices.

Points, Age, State or search a username in the field.

Log out



Gather Points (When getting points in any of these way it will show up under users profile automatically)

Visit Websites – From here you see 2 lists of websites that admin has uploaded.

the first list is websites you have not yet visited.

the 2nd one is for visited websites.

On the list a website will show with “Offername” “Give X Points” it will be like a wide but not high rectangle so you can click anywhere on it, not just the offername or the points. 1 offer per row.

Offers – From here you can take part of offers. When first coming to this part the center will just be a long list with offers that has not been made/completed, the info for every offer will be: Offername, Give X point, Description of the offer, Can be made X times, A image for if its free to make. Or another image if its 18+ for the offer.

Recruit friends – The user's personal recruit link will show here.

About the tracking system, I want the user to get points 2 times when recruiting a friend, the amount of point will be choosen by the admin. User get X point when first recruiting a person, User gets Y points again when the person User recruited has gathered Z points to become a “Active member”. The important thing is to not make a member active when he has “got” Z points, because he can exchange the points for stuff. So Z points is the Total amount of points Ever recived.

Recruit MSN contact – Admin can create the “website invite” that will be sent to all contact,

Recruit from other portals to.

Write about us – Different banners will show with a html-code link so that the users can copy and paste it for the banners to show. The users recruit link should be included here.

Here the user can paste a link to their blog or where they have written the article and a description.

Then the admin approves or declines the article, approving will automatically give user X points.

Send image on your product - So the users can click there, upload an image, and write a comment about the website, When the admin accepts it, the user will get the amount of points that is configured, and the image will get in a photoalbum so all visitors can see the album. Ill give you done album so you don't need to make a photoalbum, just the function to get the images there.


Left column:


All the categories

These three boxes below is optional from admin section.


5 Latest ordered products


Popular products (most ordered)


New products


List of the products. Shown with: Productname, image, price, description, how many you want to order and then little “exchange” button, how many you need to have of this product to be able to make an order.

Then when a product Is exchanged, it gets in a list in the right column.


Here members can write, they get a big box to write in, also an icon, when clicking on it all the icons that I will provide will come up, so you click on the icons you want in the message. Admin can easily delete messages.


Two lists, 1st for the X top point gatherers. 2nd for the X top recruiters


I want it to be separated from front end, so you write [url removed, login to view] to get to the admin section.

Config – Choose site name

Profile image needs verification Yes/No

Visitors, can become members right away, or with e-mail verification and a link to click.

Choose how many points to give to members for:


How much extra members gets when the recruited becomes “active”

How many points you need to have to become active.

How many points for writing about us, if approved

How many points for uploading image and comment, if approved

How many points for uploading profileimage (0 is optional)

How many points to give new registered users

All these pointgiving will be automatically, also the websitevisiting.

Orders – Here there are 2 list. 1st for the recived orders, here you see what the user has ordered and where it should be sent. Admin clicks a “order handled” button and the user gets a mail telling the items is on its way and the order will get to the 2nd list which is “sent orders”

Shop – Add product, Edit product, Add category, edit category.

When adding a product, Productname, image, price, description, which category to show under, minimum amount to make order.

Offers – should be very simple to add offers from affiliateprograms. Add offercategory, edit offercategory, add offer.

Offername, description, which category (if exists any), two checkboxes to show image (if free, if 18+),

how many times it can be made, active YES/NO,

Websites – Should be very easy to add links from different affiliateprograms. Add link, website name, how many points it gives, how many times it can be visited.

Give points – Admins will get lists from affiliates so they can though here give points to users.

It will be possible to give points up to 30 members. You give point by:

Writing username or Member id, amount of points, choose the offer through a list (for the history) or by writing a comment.

You can also write a negative number to withdraw points from a user.

Modules – Admin can choose if to show these 4 boxes in the right column.

Box 1 – latest logged in users

Box 2 – image and comment of the latest person that send image of product

Box 3 – Stats of members and orders

Box 4 – Latest news

Newsletter – From here you create newsletter and send them to all the members that have accepted the newsletter through an editor.

Competition – here admin can reset the stats that show under “competition”. Each list can be stopped, or reset any time. When resetting this, it is just for the competition, not the user's stats.

Verify – Here it will be small boxes with short lists of what that needs to be verified, by clicking on the box you come to that section and see the whole list that needs to verified.

Approve / decline articles written about our website

Approve / decline product image uploading

Approve / decline for profile images

Pages – Here there will be a list with all the pages that needs/can have content.

Everypage will have their own editor in the backend which the admin works on, when he saves the information will show on front end. But the functions I have written about will always show under the text and images from the editor.


Startpage logged out

Startpage logged in

Gather points, and all the sections under it.





News (little different, this will show a list of the news under the editor, so when writing something new it will be as a new article) A minimalistic blog.


Search member

etc. etc.

Statistic – Here admin can see stats about the website, amount of members, active members, how many girls and boys,

the general age of the visitors, total users that accepts newsletter, amount recruited members, total amount of orders,

list of products and how many of each that has been sent. Totalt points handed out, points that has been ordered with.

Banners – I want it to be possible to add linked banners from affiliates on the site.

1 at the top and the 3 on the side. Up to 5 banners on each place that randomly shows


Only 1 account per ip. You can not recruit your self

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