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This is what I need:

General Description:


This is kind of an extranet, "manual" (for now) communication system, where

registered users (created by administrators) can access the system, request

information to providers, and then users will be able to look only at the

answered, assigned information to them.

Detailed Funcioning Process:


The system is used for users to request certain types of info.

The provider receives notification of the users' request by email and have it

listed under a new requests inbox; the provider opens the requests, fill up

the response template with the requested information and sends it back to the


User receives an email stating the request has being fullfiled, enters his

user-member area to view the list of new and previous requested information.

Users can keep track of the request status, sent or submitted, when opened by

a provider it status should change to: At work, when recieved: New, when

already viewed: read.

A search facility should be provided with results lisitng only items currently

available to that particular user on his requests Inbox.

If a user deletes a viewed request from his Inbox, it only deletes it from his

view, not from the global system, since Providers and/or Admins will need the

record for reports/billing purposes.

Structure / Interface:


- Overall:

Easy to follow navigation system.

- User:

+ Inbox:

The user gets a list of requested info such as:

Request_ID | Status | Info_Type | Requested_Date | Request_Title | Delete

Listing by Request_ID but allowing to sort by clicking any other category.

If user deletes a record, in fact what it does it becomes hidden, not deleted.

Users cannot recover hidden (deleted) data, they don't know it's hidden; they

in turn will need to request this info again.

+ Information:

Information data is displayed when user clicks on any item listed on the

Inbox. This page should acomodate information in a clean easy to read way,

with an option to become printer friendly and to be sent to the printer.

Options to Delete, look next or previous records.

+ Requests:

User input required data and select the info type to be requested.

All Info Types are requested by default.

+ Search:

User input required data to be searched, results from info listed on users' inbox.

+ Properties:

Users info and interface properties, some listing info here is non editable,

some other it is.

Non Editable

Name, Last Name, email, company, username (should be user's email for

validation), telephone, extension, fax.


Password, alternate email, number of items to be displayed on a single listing

page (the rest by clicking Next or Previous), MSN, Yahoo.

- Providers:

+ Inbox:

Display a list of new requests. When clicked on an item listed here, provider

is prompted to a form to be filled out with the information requested by user

and submited back to the user, when finished.

+ Information:

Same as user interface, but with option to select which user's data to look

at, or to have all records displayed. Can not delete or hide info data.

+ Reports:

Generate reports of information requests for certain user or group on a given

period of time, to be displayed on screen with option printer friendly and to

be sent by email as a pdf attachment to the user the report was created.

Option to include or select the recipients should be available if


+ Search:

Same as user interface, but with option to select which user's data to search

for, or to have all records searched.

+ Properties:

Can select to view any user's properties, but can not edit any of it.

Can edit own provider info and interface properties, all options here is editable.

- Administrators:

+ Unlimited access to view and edit all system options, users and providers


Main Groups:


- Administrators: Global Administration, can view all users accounts; can

create, suspend or delete groups (companies users belong to there might be

several users from a single company), users, providers and administrators

accounts; assign costs for type of information provided; generate and sent

reports (statements, group reports should also be considered)

- Providers: Asnswer users requests, generate reports and billing of requested

and provided (answered) information including the total costs for that report.

Reports should be generated for a specified time range, and can be sent by

email to the user (attachment as pdf), provider and administrator. This report

might have an option to become also a billing statement so a nice format

should be created as well as capacity to generate them as a pdf file.

- Users: Regular users who request info, can view, search, print friendly, and

delete (only if previously viewed) info.

Special Requirements:


- Security is a must.

- Modular programming, allowing future scalability and new features (modules)

to be added. (future programming work to you).

- Allow modules to be easily plugged in.

- Work under http and https.

- Template system, allowing design being separated from coding, for easy

integration into a constantly changing website.

- Full Source Code, throughly documented for easy future development and


More detailed information can be provided when needed.

Please take into consideration this will be our first development system we

may hire with you, and may also be the reason to request you some more.

Great expectations are set in us to deliver this system, and we in turn are

setting high expectations on getting a high quality product.

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