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CrossRoads Sleep Disorders Center, LLC

Goal of Project in Broad Terms:

To integrate multiple open source software applications with our legacy software applications in an effort to optimize our business processes and patient care.

List of needed elements:

1) High-quality database, linking CMS, Intranets, CRM, and legacy applications

2) An effective website using open source CMS.

3) Establishment of two intranet sites using open source intranet application.

4) Set-up of an open source CRM

5) Set-up of open source VoIP system.

6) Integration with our legacy software, including web forms for collecting patient data.

All deliverables will be considered "work made for hire" under U.S. Copyright law. Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.

Background: CrossRoads Sleep Disorders Center is a medical practice located in the northeastern part of the United States. Patients are referred by their doctor or they respond to one of several advertising campaigns. These patients are evaluated by the Dr. Crowe, and further testing is ordered if clinically necessary. The treatment of many sleep disorders involves the use of medical equipment and on-going management by the physician; this equipment and management are provided through CrossRoads.

Table of Contents

Statement of Scope

Main Goal of Project 3

Problem/Opportunity Statement 3

Business Objectives 4

Functionality 4

Assumptions 7

Constraints 7

Benefits 7

Risks 7

Additional References 7

Business Process Flow / Overview 8

Dependencies 9

Information Flow 9

Business Requirements 9

Security Requirements 9

Performance Requirements 9

Availability Requirements - Proposed phases 9

Technical Services Impact Statement 10

Glossary 10

Approvals 11

Main Goal of Project

We need a stronger web presence in the form of an attractive, patient-oriented website. We need a better way to communicate with employees, patients, and referring physicians in the form of private intranets. We need a more complete way to track our marketing efforts in the form of a CRM application. These sites should be combined in a way to capture and move data efficiently into our current SQL-based legacy software. A high-level of integration is required in order to limit redundancies and limit human errors.

Problem/Opportunity Statement

Our current website, [url removed, login to view], has become out dated. The site is not clearly focused on attracting patients, but rather on education. The current site does a great job of informing patients, but it is not clearly focused on what we “sell”, which is a happier, more-fulfilling life through healthier sleep. The site was not constructed to be managed by a novice. By using a CMS, we will be able to keep our site fresh and current, we can collect data from prospective patients so we can better convert them to active patients, and we can establish a “store” to sell our medical products.

We do not presently have an effective way of communicating with employees, patients, and other physicians. We use a hodge-podge assortment of sticky notes, telephone calls, and written notices posted within the office. Furthermore, we have no way of organizing this information or re-using the data. We seek to establish three intranet sites. By using an open source intranet suite, we hope to alleviate these concerns.

At present, we use a paper system to track the efforts of our sales representatives. Mining data from this type of system is virtually impossible. We have no way to measure their efforts nor do we fully know where our business is coming from. For instance, we do not know if a new patient was motivated to schedule because of a television commercial, radio ad, or was referred from their doctor without much effort on our part. Looking for trends or determining where to spend our advertising dollars is impossible with this type of system. By using a CRM, we will be able to use those dollars more effectively, reward the more efficient representatives, and encourage those who are not performing.

We have recently invested in several new applications. These are the applications that I am calling legacy, but in fact they are quite new as well. We will be using a set of programs from SoftAid ([url removed, login to view]): The DME Office and The Medical Office. Please use the link to view their specifications and functionality, but they are based on SQL Server. We also use an application called XLTek ([url removed, login to view]) to help with the diagnosis of certain sleep disorders. It is also based on SQL Server, but has no interaction with SoftAid. It would be ideal to have data flow between these applications using a translation table.

Lastly, since we have three offices, we have three separate phone systems. We have no ability to manage or route our calls. We have no voice mail and are unable to transfer calls between offices. We are requiring a VoIP solution and open source GUI, such as TrixBox, that will allow us to manage our calls, play messages or music, and consolidate roles into various offices (for example: all referrals go to this location and all billing questions go to this location).

Business Objectives

The proposed set of applications should help CrossRoads Sleep obtain the following goals and objectives:

1. Attract and recruit new patients.

2. Improve communication with patients, employees, and referring physicians.

3. Allow flexibility so these applications can be modified as our business processes change.

4. Cut costs, help eliminate our current paper based system, reduce redundancies in our current system, and reduce errors.

5. We should be able to monitor how these new applications are impacting our business.

6. BY focusing on our business processes, reduce the effort that it currently takes to manage our business.


Website –

Much of the content can come from our current site. Currently, our most popular pages include New Patient, Online Quiz, Common Sleep Complaints, Tour the facility, Contact us, Hours and Directions, What we Offer, Our Staff. Our current site does not capture any other data other than how many times a page was viewed.

The goals from my perspective would be re-focus the site and information on the beauty of healthy sleep, how good it makes you feel. This would involve a brief flash intro with our music (we have the music). The front page would have four rotating offers. Here are some examples, but I'm not happy with the colors.

Additionally, from these pictures, you can see that there needs to be a log-in page, taking patients, employees, and physicians to their respective intranets. Also, we have never done this, but I would like a store/shopping cart, RSS newsfeeds.

Website – Key Features

o HiPPA/HiTech compliant

o Flash Intro with music (we have this)

o The website needs to brighter and focused on healthy sleep.

o SSL Log-in and pages

o A link to a log-in page.

o A link to a registration page.

o Emailed link to log-in page following registration

o Four rotating offers

o Online quiz with submitable, printable results.

o Web forms with submission to CRM

o Web Form – “Ask the Doctor” with submission to email and CRM

o Updated content with text, video clips, and possible animations

o Local Weather

o Google site search

o Store front

o RSS Newsfeeds

o Video Office Tour, Directions, and Hours

Intranets –

Employee – I want this to be the first page that employees see when they turn their desktops. The screen should provide a log-in. Everyone should be able to communicate with everyone else. There should be announcements, opportunities for education, calendars, etc.

Intranet – Employee – Key Features

o The first page that is displayed on all our desktops should be the intranet log-in page

o Company phonebook or directory

o Organizational chart(s)

o Policy and Procedure Manual – Indexed and searchable

o Holiday schedule

o Secure repository for all of content

o Links to other applications such as XLTek (sleep software)and Soft-Aid (our Electronic medical records software)

o Message Board

o RSS Newsfeed

o Web form that is submitted to correct email based on drop-down subject list

o Learning Opportunities – online lessons, videos, tests, quizzes

o Meeting schedule – Calendar

o Technical forms to be completed during a study and attached to the patients sleep study folder

Patients – I want to use this to gather pertinent medical information about the patient prior to their arrival. It can be used to send us complaints, request refills, change their appointments, send us an email, ask a question, etc. (Remember, there may be specific security requirements regarding patient communication. So, this needs to encrypted and safely sent to us.) There may be several ways to do this: we can create our own branching surveys to identify needed medical history or through Instant Medical History.

Intranet – Patient – Key Features

o Main page should be themed like the website.

o Are you a new patient Link that will take a new patient to Registration form, welcome letter, privacy statements, and release of information forms. Registration form and release of information should be cached for employee review and then submitable into the EMR.

o Web form that is submitted to the correct email based on a drop-down task list. For example, refill a prescription, question a bill, change an appointment, ask a question, or order more supplies.

o Link to the store front

o RSS Newsfeed

o Refer a friend form

o Satisfaction survey

o View their test results

o Be capable of launching very complex surveys (we use Snap Professional for branching logic surveys)

o Learning Center - reused content from website and includes videos, test, and audio.

Physicians – This intranet will be mostly used for file transfers. The practice of sleep medicine is changing to allow physicians to gather their own data from tests conducted in the patient's home. This is not currently the standard, however. Please see the proposed phases in the upcoming section.

CRM – This should be configured on our server. The data pertains to our referring doctors. Security is a must. The CRM database should be loaded from our current Excel database.

There will be three types of CRM users –

o Type one – The sales rep that needs to focus on sales calls, pipelines, and external relationships primarily with other doctors. Data will be entered during the day via laptop and synchronized daily.

o Type two – The internal sales rep/customer service that will focus on web leads, tracking new referrals until they have scheduled. Tracking of leads generated from T.V, radio, phone book, word of mouth leads.

o Type three – full access to both of the above plus administrative privileges.

VoIP /User GUI – This should be integrated into our new applications where possible. So, we can click the number dial the phone, we need voice mail, routing of calls, and other call management features.


We assume that much of the needed functionality is already developed as features available in current open source software offerings.


Since this software is not intended for resell or external use, we are somewhat constrained by the open source offerings. After full evaluation, it may be in our best interest to purchase proprietary software to accomplish full functionality.


The benefits of integrating these applications will mostly benefit our patients. We strive for excellence in care with no missed opportunities and no missed promises.

Additional References


o vtiger Open Source CRM

o SugarCRM - Commercial Open Source CRM

o Commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM). CRM software for sales force automation and customer support deployed on demand or on site

o Open ERP - Features


o [url removed, login to view]

o Plone CMS: Open Source Content Management

o TYPOlight webCMS - Home

o eZ Publish - Open Source Enterprise Content Management System (CMS) for web content management solutions

o MODx version Demo - OpenSourceCMS

o [url removed, login to view]

o [url removed, login to view]

o [url removed, login to view]

o [url removed, login to view]


o [url removed, login to view]: community driven

o Open Source Enterprise Content Management System (CMS) by Alfresco

o Open Source Enterprise Content Management System including document management, web content management, SharePoint alternative and content repository.

o Nuxeo: open source ECM project based on modern Java EE standards

o Web Content Integration Software - Jahia

o Jahia delivers the first Web content Integration platform by combining Enterprise Web Content Management with Document and Portal Management features.</p>


o [url removed, login to view]

o [url removed, login to view]

o FreePBX | FreePBX

o VoiceRD Asterisk Digium Novell Suse Linux - Open Source VOIP PBX

o Intuitive Creations, Inc. --

o Software voip VoiceOne - Open Source PBX on Asterisk - PBX software voip

o Software voip, architecture based on real time Asterisk. Client/Server architecture based on Web services. Customizable user's profile - AJAX technology.

o astGUIclient - A GUI client application for the Asterisk open-source PBX

o about asterCRM | asterCC, advanced asterisk solution

o asterCRM is an open source contact center software for asterisk. asterCRM benefits: open source simple php code, easy for customize development could

o Activa for Asterisk

o Elastix - The reliable PBX appliance software - Home

Elastix, the reliable PBX appliance softw

Business Process Flow – Three Views

View 1 View 2 View 3


Much of the data is interrelated. I prefer to have the database work done locally. Once the schema is created, I would like you to implement the applications in accordance with that schema.

Information Flow

Data from the website should be captured and emailed to correct internal person. For example, prospective patient should be emailed to the inside sales staff member.

Forms filled out by the patient via the patient intranet should be cached and verified by a staff member before being submitted to the SoftAid Medical Chart.

The medical chart data should flow from the EMR into the DME and sleep software.

Again, these dependencies will be handled locally by our database staff.

Business Requirements

The project should meet the following business requirements:

Security Requirements — Any data that is transferred over the internet through any of these applications should meet strict security guidelines. These are outlined here: [url removed, login to view]

The applications can be built off-site and uploaded or built on a dedicated server that we will obtain through a hosting company.

I will forward our current network map so that this information can be factored into the planning phase.

Performance Requirements — A network map and list of our current capabilities/infrastructure will be provided. We would like to work within our current hardware holdings.

Availability Requirements — The project should be broken down into the following phases and time frames.

Phase I – A collaborative workspace should be set-up for centralized communications. Provider should complete a thorough analysis of our current business practices and processes in order to best assist with software recommendations. Open source applications should be recommended once this is complete. We need to know why you are recommending some aspects. Database structure to be finalized.

CRITICAL: Buyer wishes to use as few applications as possible to accomplish these goals.

Phase II – The new website, employee intranet and CRM solutions should be created/implemented.

Phase III – The patient intranet is created/implemented. Office kiosks with web forms established. Integration of technician forms, patient forms (pre and post study) integrated into XLTek and SomnoStar.

Phase IV – On-going customization, optimization, and management.

User Requirements – The employee intranet should be our home page. Other software can be launched from this intranet.

Performance Requirements - Any needed processing power or graphical processing power recommendations should be made by the developer.

Availability Requirements – We would like these phases to be implemented as soon as possible, but not knowing everything involved, we will defer to the providers expertise.

We would think that the entire project could be implemented in 8 weeks. Minor problems detected by the end user will be recorded on a weekly basis and delivered to the developer by 8:00 the following Monday. If a problem occurs that brings down the system without warning, the detecting party will notify the other party as soon as possible. Whenever availability is interrupted, a notice will be sent when the system is again available.

Impact on Our Technical Resources

Recommendations regarding needed technical resources are required. These include any needed system environment recommendations, networking recommendations, back-up and recovery recommendations, storage capacity recommendations, and bandwidth recommendations.


<Please list any terms needing defined.>



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