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This should be a simple, very fast, project for someone who knows what they're doing, they may have the code already laying around from another project. I may get bids under $30 and since this is a project that would take someone about 15 minutes, he who has the lowest bid wins :) I'm on a tight budget.

I need the RSVP form to be an HTML page using HTML/JAVA (using hidden feature or conditional statements) without using a database. I also need the coded PHP form (to mail the results) as well as the form on a blank html file. I don't need any stylizing of the form or colors or anything. I don't even need it to be complete, just a couple of examples and you can leave to to where I can copy and past your code to create "more faimly codes". Here is what I mean and how it works:

Wedding invitations will be mailed out (through the regular mail - NOT email) to family's that are invited to the wedding. In the invitation they will have a RSVP code (which can be anything for example... fs89shfs ), so they can go on the internet and RSVP.

All I need is the RSVP form to look something like this:

Please Enter Your RSVP Code Here: [input box] [submit button]

The above disappears (using hidden in java(conditioinal statements)) and displays the following:

Name: [input box]

Email: [input box]

The next part will be dynamic based on which RSVP code was entered.

checkboxes will be used for each family member so the user can check which family members will be attending. Example: Bob Smith (the father) logs on to the RSVP and types in his family's code they got in the mail. The checkboxes will show his name, the mother, Jane, and son, Henry, and daughter Susan. The father can check off which family members will be attending the wedding.

Finally, below that will be a comment box (not dynamic, of course, just like Name and Email). And then a final Submit button.

All the details from that particular RSVP code will be emailed using a PHP file (which I will need coded as well).

The only validation I need is a generic popup saying "Please enter the correct RSVP Code" if the user does not enter a code or if they enter the wrong code.

After the user hits the final submit button.. a "thank you, we have received your message" should display with a Exit link, that when clicked on will close the popup page.

The actual codes can be anything you want, for example, RGG76Q...I can change them later. I only need two examples done, and I feel like I can copy and paste the rest when I acutally add the real family's names...since I have experience using html and php. Again, I don't need any style or colors, just the code and a way for me to edit your examples and add all the actual family's. Just do two example codes with any names you want.

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