Php/mysql Based Web Site

The [url removed, login to view] Site should be a fairly simple project for a good php programmer.

The design should be as follows ...

=============================== GENERAL

Otto will be a simple 2 tier membership site, with appropriate login controls, for displaying/reading/using/downloading an assortment of

articles, tutorials, and courses AND for creating/compiling ebooks online on-the-fly.

The basic page layout will be standardized, template-style, such that the 'look' of any given page can be altered just by changing the header and back ground graphics, which will be standard size on every page.

The site should be created in a combination of HTML and php 4.3 and MySQL. Dynamic HTML and Javascript may be used, but no ASP or JAVA code.

There will be 3 types of members: users, webmasters/afiliate users, and authors

Otto must support articles, tutorials, and courses in several formats,

including flash, AVI, streamed MP3, html, PDF and streamed video.

members will be tracked for 2 tiers (who referred who that refferred who).

Users will be using the site to:

-- select and view articles/tutorials/courses

-- select and download (or have emailed) articles/tutorials/courses

-- create 'ebooks' on the fly customized with their own names/links etc.

-- submit and upload articles/tutorials/courses to be considered for inclusion in the site

============================= DETAILS

The basic operational/functional capabilities should be as follows:

Any Visitor can sign up and become a free member. Site must be able to track and 'know'that a member accessing any given page, is a member or if they are a non-member/user (not signed up yet).

Tutorial submitters (authors) and downloaders (members) need to

register INITIALLY as a member giving their first, last name and email address,

After they sign up they will be prompted with an offer - a bribe with a freebie to complete a demographics survey giving ...


Age range,


how long online,

topics interested in (drop down box),

degree of PC experience,

Internet experience,


experience. etc etc.

and the other information required.


Memberships information will be kept in a MySQL database.

An ADMIN TOOL will allow memberships to be added/ edited/deleted, etc.

The PRIMARY' (master) membership database will include:

member ID (assigned by the system)

member name

member address

member nickname/user name

member author/downloader-user/both indicator

signup date and time

signup IP address of user when he signs up

signup referral URL

member phone number

member email address

member paypal address

member level

member status

ID of referring member (1st level)

ID of referring member (2nd level)

afiliate/non affiliate flag

free/paid member flag

payment frequency (monthly/quarterly/yearly)

payment amount

afiliate percentage

AND Demographics info:


Age range,


how long online,

topics interested in (drop down box),

degree of PC experience,

Internet experience,


experience. etc etc.

and any other information we may designate that is needed on each member to operate the site properly

A second "details" database should track, for each member in the primary database, the identity of any article/course/video/ebook that the user/member ever views or downloads or customizes, and when.

There will be formsa at various points on the site for collecting the database information.

A third "publications" database should keep track of ALL the articles/course/ebooks etc. available on the web site, as well as related information, including:



creation/inclusion date

type of publication


====== Search & Email utility

Database admin MUST include an EMAIL/SEARCH UTILITY to search and output the membership data - by selecting the fields from a list of all fields - as a CSV (comma seperated) file

Utility must be able to search by and and All demographic data AND include the ability to email, from the web site, located and selected from such a search. In other words, be able to search for all the users who downloaded or read a certain ebook, and email all the users found that did.

The subject/title of any courses/articles/tutorials ordered by member

WILL be tracked by a second database such that all the subjects

chosen by any given member can be identified/searched and members

selected for email based on that

Utility needs Bounce management so we can see whose email is bouncing and remove them from the database - system should automatically flag and remove any address that bounces X number of times.


Members are presented a menu on main page of articles and tutorials

and articles they can browse, and assorted static pages (like a FAQ page, login, contact page, etc.).

Clicking on a tutorial brings up a page with the tutorial on view.

For any article/tutorial/course displayed, buttons are provided

that allows the member to choose to:

-- Have the article/tutorial/course emailed to him in one or several parts.

-- Add the article/tutorial/course to a cart of other tutorials for

creation into a Customized ebook or a mini site.

IF the member is an Affiliate/Webmaster, additional buttons are presented so they can choose to

-- Customize an article/course with his own Otto [url removed, login to view] AFF ID for

downloading from his own server/website.

-- Create a customized ebook of articles/courses to download from his own server.

-- Create a Mini Site of customized articles/courses, choosing from a range of Web Templates.

============== FREE MEMBERS

Member able to search for subjects and choose multiple articles

or tutorials to receive/view.

Option to have chosen articles converted to PDF file or exe file to use as an ebook, ebook to have some customization IE have their name and URL on the index page.

should be able to choose articles and tutorials to include

in mini site 2 or 3 web page templates to choose from and able to

add their site name to the logo area

===== OTHER SITE Features

Other features of Otto Responder:

substituting own Affiliate link into Author's sig files.

Displaying ads, banners, Adsense and Clicksense (Clickbank) ads

and Clickbank search engine.

The Clickbank search engine will automatically insert a desgnated

clickbank ID for every clickbank item listed.

Otto will Display ads in autoresponder emails.

Otto will include a products section for Selling our own products.

Otto Responder will have an affiliate program for own products ..

===== An Affiliate System

The affiliate system will be 2 Tier - Lifetime Cookie

Software and scripts needed to allow the following procedures...

The autoresponder script ARP3 is already loaded on to the

server if it is needed. If not then we need a custom built


Stats in their members area to show number of sign ups they have

but NOT their details.

Simple short Aff ID such as [url removed, login to view]

When we add products to the site, each new product will be part

of the affiliate scheme through the same URL.


there will be a section of the site for members who have joined

as authors.

There will be a facility/form for submitting an article/tutorial/ecourse to the site.

The articles/courses will be submitted as text via on-site php forms.

The content of the course/article must be stored on the site for viewing/changing/compiling, either within a MySQL database (as part of the publications database) OR as an XML document

=== Submission:

When author submits an article or ecourse, the script asks

whether it's a single article or multiple ecourse. Author

ticks box to show which.

=== single article/tutorial

Script then asks for first part of course/tutorial to be entered.

Submission Form will have a:

headline box,


main body.

resource box (so we can edit in our Aff id see description below)

Preview Button

On preview page are ...

Edit button

Submit button

Confirmation page comes up after a submit.

=== multi-part ecourse

If multiple ecourse, he is asked question "How many parts

to the course".

Script then asks for first part of course to be entered.

Submission Form will have a:

headline box,


main body.

resource box (so we can edit in our Aff id see description below)

Preview Button

On preview page are ...

Edit button

Submit button

Confirmation page comes up with a 'Submit Next Part' button.

After clicking submit, the next form is generated for the next

installment, until number they indicated at the beginning has

been reached on final submit. The course is set up by Author

to go out at preset intervals when requested e.g. every 2 days.

=== on all froms:

Automatically line break to 65 characters

Font style Verdana on Otto Responder Web Page.

Font style Ariel or New Courier in Otto email.

Headline and short description will be used on main menu so

visitors can see the tutorials available. 50 tutorials per page

then a next page link, search box to do keyword searches and

by author

== after submission

When admin approves the tutorials submitted, an email is sent to

the Author to confirm their tutorial has been approved. The

email should be from a text template so it is easy to change the sig

file etc.

Also a 'your tutorial has been denied' email - again a txt


== autoresponder messages to authors

One day after end of course (or single article) email from admin is

sent to member with customizable message inviting them to try any

other courses on the same or similar subjects ( text template so

easily changed)

Author should have access to his own stats page showing which

and how many downloads of his courses have occurred.

If Author has own product and an affiliate scheme our Affiliate

ID to be added to articles and ecourses in return for a

featured listing in the database (top listing or highlighted

link, added to list of sig files sent out in mailings) so must be

a way in admin to insert Aff ID into resource box. Maybe have a

box to tick if they agree to our Aff ID being substituted for

theirs, if the box is ticked their link is highlighted and put to

the top of their category (first come first served basis)

Auto create a redirect link e.g. [url removed, login to view]

and track each click.

Script needed to count clicks


Start with a .exe compiler.

2 Types of web Form:


1) Customer (free member) Form ...

Selects tutorial by adding to 'index' with button on the tutorial


Types in his first name and last name.

Click button to display a range of 'Intro Cover Designs'.

Select from a range of 'Intro Cover Designs'

Customer selects a Cover title from a drop down box e.g. 'Health

and Fitness Book 1'

'Specially Created by Otto Responder for John Smith' is created

on the 'cover'

One click creates the ebook. Bring up a download link when

creation is completed.

Click to display promotional ebook graphics for that subject.

2) Affiliate's Form

Selects Tutorials by adding to 'index' with button on the

Tutorial page.

Types in his Company name and URL for the 'Intro Cover'.

Types in his Otto Affiliate URL which is scattered throughout the


Selects from a range of 'Intro Cover Designs'

Selects a Cover title from a drop down box e.g. 'Health and Fitness

Book 1'

(Restrict number of characters in title entry box)

Brought to you by 'Famous Website at [url removed, login to view]' is

automatically created on First Page.

One click creates the ebook. Bring up a download link when

creation is completed.

======== EBOOK Template s

Distinctive and Quality design both outside and inside with

quality page background designs.

The ebook will not be very 'heavy' so we can afford to add some

top quality photos and graphics.

Maybe add an audio message from Otto?


To Help 'Webmaster' To Create A Mini Site ...

Use Web site templates

Simple header with area where site name is added (choose some

fancy font or large print)

Index page with 2 tables, links to articles chosen down LH side

and main table for member to put a description or sales message.

Article pages to contain header as above and single table with

chosen article in link at bottom of templates linking to

[url removed, login to view]

------------ Affiliates/Webmasters

Can select an article or course and customize it on the fly with his

Otto Responder AFF ID, and offer it for download from his own server.


There will be an admin utility for changing/altering/adding/deleting the website and ebook templates.

Need to be able to add picture and text links for own advertising down LH side of template (so we don't have to mess around with

the templates too much).

Be able to add new signiture files to mailings (in categories) that

will be rotated in the emails sent out (sig files should be from

the same categories as the articles or tutorials so that they are


Bounce management so we can see whose email is bouncing and

remove them from the database

Affiliate management for when we have our own products, all

visitors cookied to the referring Affiliate, last referrer to get

the sale

Need stats which tells us how many new Member signups and

unsubscribes for the day/week/month/year

Need a pop up/slide in/gizmo if they leave without signing up

which we can edit from the admin (pop up only occurs if they

leave with out signing up)

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