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Although I do have another project going on at this time as well that kinda ties in with this project that I am wanting a quote from you for, below you will see what I am looking for at this point. Things may or may not change added or deleted. If you have any other ideas I am open to suggestions ect. I know that working with someone else may not be feasible but for one part of this project it may be neccessarry. I am also wanting someone that can do the game plug-ins for this as well such as canasta, spades, hearts, euchre, pinochle, pool, and so on, this can be done with this project or separately or by individual programmers as long as keeping the same look and feel. These game plug-ins can also be done one at a time as one gets complete the next is started.

Here is what I am looking for at this time as far as a game site.

· Registration to the site: users register through an online form, this is also being done on other project I have going and is a global registration in which it will contain a player profile. Set up user log-in and pass, e-mailed a verification with a validation link. After log-in taken to page to choose where want to go on the site. Trny / Club / league system (other project I have going) or to the game portion of the site

· Game portion of the site: will be a main window that shows a lobby list for example these, Main lobby, Tech or support lobby, Training Lobby, Free tournament lobby, Paid Tournament lobby, all of which will link to open up that respective lobby. Also shows a list of all clubs that have sigened up and joined the site which when clicking on link for a club on the right side of the window it will show the clubs logo, web addy, and the rooms (lobbies) for that club. when clicking on club logo or web addy it will open that clubs site in new window.

· Main Lobby: chat with smileys, able to click persons nick in lobby to view profile in new window, male female icon showing beside members nick or other icon chosen from list or possibly an uploaded icon, admin TD host have seperate icons that show automatically when logged on. lobby button or link somewhere to open main Lobby list, a help button to open up tech lobby in new window or an e-mail form, shows all users in room. Links to start tables / games, will show various games that can be started clicking game name will open game table. Lobby logging fuction for the admin of the lobby at the time

· Club Lobby: Has all functions of main lobby with a few other things. Owner / club owner / TD / Admin / Host can opp up and have relative icon show beside name and that person will then show at top of users in the lobby. Club owner head admin can set host /TD status for a person in their rooms lobbies. All host may play waves only in their main club lobbies or at their club game tables. All host,TD's, owners, can kick, mute, open a tournament sign-in, use a lobby log (chat log) Only owner may ban or un-ban a player.

· Tournament Sign-in: Will open new window in which players will be able to join have small chat window, area in which Host can set time to open and end sign-in, can set rules by uploading a copy, can set if it is teams or singles trny, can sign people in, will show a listing of all people signed in for trny, players can sign in themself and or partner if teams,

· Friends List: all players registered can have friends list option able to add and or remove friends from it, their friends on the list will show at the top of the players list in all lobbies just under any host admin or TD

· Game room: When a game link to start a new game is clicked a new window opens with that game in it, the person that opens the table will be able to lock or un-lock the table from people getting in,ban boot mute kick invite players to or from table, all players ath the table will be able to use a chat log function, all players at the table will be able to play waves, all icons that show in main lobbies will show at table also

I would like a system to where when I have a club apply for their game lobby once I approve the club I can then go to a page and fill in some basic information and have the lobby created for example: Type in club name, club website, e-mail, club logo directory and then submit to have lobby set up as well be able to delete a club and all of their lobbies with click of a button or link. Ability to set # of lobbies a club can have and able to add lobbies to a club and able to name each lobby, Heres a basic example:

Club: SFE

lobbies : SFE Main

Canasta lobby

Poker Lobby


Site owner / Admin able to send global message to all lobbies / rooms

Site owner admin able to kick any player on the site / server

Site Owner able to ban players and have an ip adress look up per player / nick

I would like some type of anti-cheat system showing admin, owners, TD's, host when players are either logged onto a messenger or using a messenger

I would like Owner of site and or appointed admin to be able to set MOTD on main site lobbies. Club owners able to set their own MOTD in their own lobbies.

I would also like some type of schedule system in which site owner admin or appointed person can enter / edit / delete tournaments into the tournaments listing page. Clubs can request a tournament to be schedule certain day(s) times in which of their club lobbies ect. and admin can enter this information into a form to add tournament to listing the listing will also link to that clubs lobby for that game. The Tournament listing would be able to show listings of tournaments for days, times, by club and main listing would show all tournaments.

Banner rotation system that can be turned on or off by paid members, if free member banners show no matter what, banners can maybe be placed at top of lobbies and at top of game rooms. I guess this would also have to include a paid membership system for this to work as this same type of system is also going into the other project I have going.

I would also need to be able to use marcos programs in all lobbies for example Keyboard express

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