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This is an update to our previous posting, which didnt go as planned since THAT guy tried to rips us off also. Amazing. Here are some pre-requirements we are now listing:

**You must be able to use Voice communication through the Computer, using a client called Teamspeak from [url removed, login to view] , this will require a headset/microphone for the PC. If you have a team of developers we would like to have every one of them on this to speak with us, but your head develop[er is only what we require.

**Bid under $800 please, if you do not then you will not even be considered, do not waste your time.

**We will NOT pay in advance, too many people try to run off with our money, and we are frankly sick of it.

**Please give us links to examples or other material you have done before, we would like an idea of what you are capable of.

Original Request:

We did have a coder to fit this job, and seemed to be doing very nice work (in ColdFusion) however the guy ripped us off, took our money, and was never seen again. So be prepared to know English VERY well, be able to communicate through a online voice service (we use TeamSpeak for communication) and be prepared to be able to give us other contact information such as a location, phone number, name, etc.

We simply want a gaming ladder. This ladder should be Linux and Windows compliant (for hosting). Meaning any scripting languages that are limited to only Windows, would not be wanted. This gaming ladder will need to support NUMEROUS features, client side and administrative side. Here at WG, we absolutely love functionality and great features to be able to play with. Meaning you should be pretty creative or have a team that comes up with good ideas. This is a gaming ladder to be able to support many different types of games, the main one of which is Halo PC/CE online.

We want to be able to have normal administrative features such as banning, direct point modifications, handicapping certain clans for a certain period of time (if a clan violates a rule, we make any points they earn 20% decreased for 1 week is an example)

We need to have many different levels of administrators, each level having its own set of rules and each level only being able to do certain things. This should also be editable by administrators of a higher status then the one they are editing. Certain levels of administrators should be able to directly edit the permissions of other administrators and users.

Users are allowed to make a clan/team/guild/group. This group will also have it's own set of permission levels that the clan founder will be able to specify for each member of their clan.

The clan founder will need to be able to specify how they want to handle other users to be allowed to join their group. This would be including (but not limited to):

-Join clan by password (meaning you can join the clan as long as you have the set password, which should be able to be edited by the clan founder)

-Join clan by invite only (meaning the founder, AND/OR other members of the clan with the correct level of access will be able to send an invite to another member asking them to join their clan)

We want a fully integrated and also feature rich messaging system. This allows other members to message each other (also known as private messaging) They should also be able to message other members in a "match message" which will be a challenge of one clan to another clan.

Matches between clans will not be scheduled. So a clan will need to freely be able to post a win. If clan A plays clan B and loses, clan B will be able to login to their account and post a Win. When posting the win, they will ONLY have to provide screenshot proof, consisting of a “LO3” screenshot, “agreement” screenshot, and “end-of-game” screenshot, IF the losing clan denies the match as being valid. If the losing clan accepts the match as valid, then no proof is required of the match. Administrators will be able to adjust how many screenshots are to be provided as proof, and edit what each screenshot is supposed to be (the “label” of the screenshot) Screenshot submissions will be able to be uploaded to our server, or be able to be submitted through a link where it is already hosted. This should be editable in case our server becomes overloaded with too many images being uploaded, we can just disable uploading and make them have it hosted somewhere else. Administrators should be able to login to the “Admin Control Panel” and automatically be able to list all matches that have been declined by the losers, the status of that match submission, and be able to modify properties of that much submissions. Different level admins will be able to view or edit (viewing and editing being two different permissions assignable to the permissions of an admin) based on their level of access.

Will need to integrate a full tournament system, we will need to have many different styles of a tournament if possible. Style as in bracket style, double-elimination, etc etc. The style will be chosen whenever the administrator creates the tournament. This would be a feature that only certain level administrators will be able to do.

We do stress that we want to be able to tweak every little possible thing we can, so there should be a pretty long list of features that certain level admins will have access too, this list being checked off based on the head administrator assigning a user administration levels.

We would like a very nice point system. Basic things like based on your clans rank, you will get more points for defeating a high ranked clan, and less points for defeating a lesser ranked clan.

We want to have it to where we have many different types of sections for a specific league. Something like this:

[url removed, login to view] Ladder

-----{Halo PC/CE League}

----------Halo PC/CE 5v5 matches

----------Halo PC/CE 2v2 matches

-----{Counter-Strike Source)

----------CS:S Hostage matches

----------CS:S Bombing matches

Keep in mind we don’t want our gamers to have to register their clan for each one of these. They will register a clan, and be able to put their clan in any one of the leagues and sub-sections of a league that they want to. Remember the password join feature I talked about? Clan founders should be able to specify a separate password for each subsection if they desire, or they may be allowed to use the same password for EVERY league and its subsections. Or just use separate passwords for each league and its’ subsections, instead of each subsection individually.

We want this to look VERY nice, but at the same time offer reliability and speed. I personally like animated and moving interactability* right on site, but not if it sacrifices too much loading time. Just keep in mind we like “eye candy”. Our previous coder had an OK layout for us to use. A preview of the layout can be found here:

[url removed, login to view]

We want something as good, or better if you feel up to the job. Notice that layout, and the big WORLD GAMERS button at the top? That button, when clicked, would bring down a quick-access menu to access important parts of the site. Administrators should be able to specify parts of that menu and where those parts go to.

Navigation on site should be done well. Not many people are attracted by not being able to find what they need to do efficiently.

We want each league to have the same layout, but a different color/image scheme. If it is too much to ask that our coder makes enough color and image schemes to support enough different games, then we need to be able to easily “add” a scheme. The scheme just containing font styles and colors, along with image borders and a main image. We plan on supporting Halo PC right off the bat, so you should be able to at least make a nice Halo PC/CE scheme for us. Future plans would be Counter Strike Source, Battlefield Vietnam, Vietcon, and possibly others that are undecided as of now.

A nice logging system is a must. Meaning IP logging system. If you know of another way to log clients and make sure we keep good track of them, then please let us know. This means we want to have good control over our users, be able to ban, suspend, etc etc. When we suspend an account we want to be able to choose which account parts they can or can not access. As for IP banning, people like to change their IP a lot, if you know of a better way to do it (our last coder said MAC address banning, but I wasn’t sure if this was possible since your MAC address is lost in one of the first routing layers) But if you can think of anything better, then we would like it.

Statistics, we want to be able to view number of matches in one day, or maybe a week, or maybe a month, don’t forget about overall. We want private message statistics also.

For reference you can go to [url removed, login to view], this is our main competition. We want to have every feature they have, but more and better. The script they use is ASP based on an actual .NET front end hosted on a Windows server. Script owned by [url removed, login to view] . We need some impressive coding and impressive visual interface to get this going, but we are not rich on money.

Thank you,

Kevin Binford

WorldGamerz Head Administrator (1 of 3)

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