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Am I Pregnant?

Have you missed a period? Do you feel like your body is changing? Do you have a stuffy nose? Are your breast sore to touch? Have you experienced any sickness in the morning? Have you had any headaches, backaches or body aches? If you have or are experiencing these signs of pregnancy, then you may need to get a pregnancy test. If the results are positive, Prenatal care is very important from the very beginning.

Most women become pregnant, when they become sexually active around ovualtion time. Ovulation tests can be bought off local store shelves. If you have trouble conceiving a child, do not blame your partner. Consult your doctor so that tests can be done to see what the problem may be. Within 18 months of using a temperature chart to document the precise time of ovulation most women conceive a child. Ovulation tests can be purchased at a local drug [url removed, login to view] the sperm count is two low. It is just as easy for a man to give a semen sample, before spending lots of money on expensive testing. Women can have incorrect hormone levels. Blood tests can be given to check hormone levels. Some women suffer from mucus around the cervics. Your doctor can check for this on an examination. Endometriosis and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease are two of the reasons that some women have trouble concieving a child.

Clomid is an oral tablet that is taken to cause ovualtion. Blood test tell, if the one a day tablet is working. Progesterone levels are checked to see, if the dosage needs to be increased or not. There is a 10% chance of a twin pregnance occurring.

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Pseudocyesis is the definition for false pregnancy. Many women that have experienced false pregnancies, have the symptoms of pregnancy. The morning sickness, tender breast and weight gain are all associated with false pregnancy. False pregnancy cases have decreased since pregnancy tests are available. The only thing missing in their diagnosis is a fetus. When these women are put under Anesthesia, gas and other symptoms have been known to disappear. Ultrasounds can verify that there is no fetus. It is very important that these women seek Medical attention by a Psychothereapist. This can be very traumatic and upsetting for a woman who experiences a false pregnancy. These women have the need to feel pregnant.

Ectopic pregnancies can cause a pregnancy test reading to be positive. Ectopic pregnancies happen, when the fertilized egg grows in any tissue other than the uterus. Lower abdomen pain and unusual bleeding may be signs of an Ectopic pregnancy. Pregnancy tests can be positive, while ultrasounds are negative of a fetus in the uterus. Most of these fetus' are found in the Fallopian tubes. Ectopic pregnancies that are found early may be treated Non-Surgically. If hemorrhaging does occur then surgery may be the only option.

EPT tests are just like the pregnancy test they use at the doctors offices'. All of them are 99% accurate. Pregnancy tests work better if it is 6 days after conception. Blood test are the most accurate pregnancy test. This test can tell the doctor the day you conceived. the name of this blood test is Beta hCG (BhCG).

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