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****I KNOW LOTS OF INFO IS HERE, BUT PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ**** I beg you, please, if you do not consider yourself a true professional, please do not bid on this project. I've wasted $300 on this project already in a NIGHTMARE and am looking for true quality. -------------------------------------- Need auto email forwarder that: Automatically logs into a list of UNLIMITED yahoo, hotmail or aol accounts I specify, and forwards all mail to any other email address I choose. (if yahoo would be significantly cheaper, please let me know how much for just yahoo and how much to add msn support, and aol support). Program should have an option of also checking my bulk folder (if I choose) to fetch emails to forward. Program needs to be as fast as possible and work with no bugs. I would like something that works IMMIDIATELY so I dont have to access a program to forward emails, if possible I would like something that forwards any and every email that comes to the accounts immidiately and automatically. Perhaps some php / mysql script that runs on a server. Im not sure how fast it could go, but I would need you to tell me how long you estimate it would take to forward a total of 3000 emails across 300 yahoo accounts (10 emails per account). Program should let me specify 1 global password / pop server to use for ALL emails if I choose, so I dont have to re-enter info for each email. (and of course 1 pop server for all aol accounts, yahoo accounts or msn accounts seperately) Also, program should let me automatically add hundreds of redundant addreses only distinguished by 1 number. For example, bob[at][url removed, login to view], bob1[at][url removed, login to view], bob2[at][url removed, login to view], bob3[at][url removed, login to view] etc etc, all the way up to bob1000[at][url removed, login to view], bob1001[at][url removed, login to view] etc... I need program to keep an error log of what email accounts it was not able to log into etc. Also, program should keep data on when the last time emails were fetched from each address. Since yahoo etc has captcha for sending emails, script must be able to fetch emails without any restrictions from the email providers smtp servers. (ie, if I want to fetch 20 emails from an account in under a minute it should be no restriction at all, specifically captcha restriction) Im not sure if this would change development at all, but I will be changing the list of emails to forward email FROM frequently, probably daily. Script should let me set a cron job to fetch emails from accounts for every 30 seconds(or less if possible). Forwarding of accounts are of course for free accounts and not their paid services. Program MUST be able to import text files with large list of emails with 1 on each row. Program should let me delete ALL email accounts currently stored and import a new list. Again, script MUST be bug free from your testing, and you must be available to fix any problems I may incur. If you are able to make a desktop application that is similar please let me know, and discuss how it works via PMB before accepting project. Working Demo is required before payment. I am not impressed with REALLY QUICK project delivery. If you think you can make the project in 5 days, tell me in your bid you can deliver within 7. Do not just tell me a quick completion time so I will accept your bid. My focus is on QUALITY and bug free. ::Notes:: - I will NOT provide any login details to install this script, you must provide me the script with instructions so I can install on my server myself. -After the last programmer installed his program on my server, he amazingly then told me I did not even have enough memory to run the script. Script should have no problem even running on shared hosting with many accounts. I have a VPS server with the following specs: Powerful Virtuozzo VPS » AMD Dual Opteron Server » 256MB RAM Guaranteed » CPanel/WHM » 1024MB RAM Burstable -My server uses Apache Core [url removed, login to view] Passthrough Authentication 1.8 Bytes Logger 1.2 Bandwidth Limiter 1.4 PHP [url removed, login to view] FrontPage FrontPage mod_ssl [url removed, login to view] OpenSSL [url removed, login to view] If it matters... -Here is a note from my previous project that the programmer reailized midway through project: "Upon investigation it appeared that only AOL provides POP/IMAP access for free users. MSN and Yahoo do not. We are investigating HTTP client for Hotmail and some testing imap servers for yahoo." *****ALSO I STRESS, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT bid no this project if you are not 10000% sure that you are capable and ready to handle the task. This is the 5th time I have posted this project, 3 didn't do the job at all, 1 did the job but it did not work correctly. I may have to request to install script on my server before completing FULL escrow payment***

Taidot: .NET, kaikki käy, C-ohjelmointi, PHP, Visual Basic

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