Customer Service Model

We are developing a new customer service group. Our goal is to allow us to hire customer service agents anywhere in the world and allow them to talk to our customers.

The customer service agents will be working on their computers with an internet browser and a headset. Since we will not be in the same room (or same country!) as our agents, we need a flexible system that allows us to hear what they are saying to our customers.

We want the system to function in the following manner.

A customer will call our main support phone number. We will get this number later, so for now you can use any US phone number.

That phone call will be assigned to a customer support representative who will see the call appear on his or her computer screen along with the caller-ID.

If all agents are busy, the call is answered by an auto-attendant who says "please wait for the next available agent, you are currently number X in line for support." It then plays some silly music and as soon as they move forward in the queue it says "you are now number X-1 in line for support."

There is an administrator's web page that shows all current call volume. If an administrator want's to listen in to a call, they click on the call and can hear the customer and the representative.

OK, that's the basic system. We do not necessarily need you to develop or program the whole thing from scratch. Use whatever utilities and services (Skype?) already exist. We are not planning to re-sell this system, just to use it ourselves.

We would first like to see a basic system proof-of-concept. The hard part will be listening to the calls as they are happening. If this cannot be done in real-time that is OK, but then the calls must be recorded for later review.

Can you build this? How much would you charge to demonstrate the proof-of-concept.

Please let me know if you have yahoo messenger for communication.

At this point, I'm only looking for a simple proof-of-concept. The easiest way to do this given that we are on other sides of the world is for you to build the prototype using Google App Engine and write the code in Python. If you don't know how to do this, or feel that a different architecture would be better please let me know.

Eventually, this will be a full system, with logging and multiple points of control. For the present time, however, I am simply looking for someone who knows how to develop VOIP. I'm going to hire several firms to do the proof-of-concept and then use whoever seems best.

So, at this point, all I want to see is a piece of software that does two things.

1. Accepts an inbound call to any US number and routes it to a website. This website will be the customer service agent's workstation. For now it needs no nice graphics. Just caller-id and voice.
2. Allows me to remotely listen to the call. If this is not possible, then the alternative is to record the call and catalog it for later.

That's it. My guess is that this is about 3-4 hours of work for someone who is familiar with VOIP. Less if they know Python and App Engine. I figure that once I find someone who knows how to do this work, we will develop a budget.

So, if you are interested, please let me know if you need anything else and how long you believe this will take.

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