114601 Voting Module+ for Joomla

This site will enable academics and professionals the ability to submit freely available abstracts from peer-reviewed journals and have the community rate them. Higher rated abstracts will move to the top. It will also enable registered users the ability to find similar papers based on the ratings from users most similar to them (this is based on the open source �slope one algorithm� which is currently available in java, php, and as a drupal 4.7 module.) An example would be the Amazon system or Netflix systems, e.g. �customers who liked your book also liked this book�� Lastly, there we a component built that serves up a "degrees of separation" list (see below under Required Features).

We would like a voting system similar to [url removed, login to view], but with a ten star rating system rather than points. Therefore, you will need to visit this URL ([url removed, login to view]) and register and submit a sample story in order to understand what is being asked. As Joomla! will be the cms, this project should be a component that can be installed into Joomla. It must be the frontpage. We will provide a mockup jpeg image of what the frontpage should look like, including the menu links along with the site header/logo in PDF and gif formats. A limited basic module of the voting system may be licensed by both you the bidder and we the buyer to defray bidding costs. We retain full rights to the themed template, which may not be licensed by you the bidder at any time.

The module/component that may be licensed by you the bidder will be modified by removing the journal volume information, authors, and abstract and making it more general to any news found on the open Internet. The content recognition engine, though open source, must NOT be included in the licensed module version of the voting system. The degrees of separation engine would not be licensible at this time, but may at a later date.

Again, a new CMS is not needed, as it will be Joomla based.




*Ability to view papers by category/subcategory or ALL categories

*Submit papers by registered users only but viewable by anonymous and authenticated users (needed fields: Title, Paper URL, Journal Name Volume Number and date, Paper Authors, Abstract-check to make sure all fields have been entered otherwise it tells user to return and complete a missing field)

*Above fields configurable by admin for each category (Example: Some categories may not need Volume Number and so this can be turned off by admin or kept but optional for that category)

*Submitted papers show 60 by 60 pixel avatar of submitter and comments in discussion show 20 by 20 pixel avatar of commenter on default. Size configurable by admin.

*Unlimited and freeform tagging for submitted papers

*Tag Cloud, filter by category or view for all categories

*Endnote/Bibtex import button at end of each published paper review (downloads paper citation to registered users computer)

*Vote on paper with one to ten stars

*Thumbnail image preview when mouse hovers over paper reference URL (see [url removed, login to view])

*Vote on comments

*Top papers (by votes), filter by time (last 24 hours, last week, last month, last year, all time) and by category

*Top users (configurable in admin, will get points for posting papers, votes he/she receives on a paper, points for promoted papers, posting comments, and votes on his/her comments)

*User Profiles with avatars with admin configurable fields

*User Profiles show papers submitted, papers voted on, ABILITY to add other users as �Colleagues� and show their avatars

*Recently promoted papers

*All features on [url removed, login to view]

*Should work in PHP 4 and 5 and use mysql as the database.

*URL's must be fully SEO compliant

*Content Recognition Engine based on Slope One Algorithm.

*Bookmaklet plugin for users' browsers to perform auto submission of papers (must be able to parse through a site to find correct field information, i.e paper title, URL, authors, abstract, volume and date)

*Degrees of separation search engine. Shows how any two registered members are connected to each other, e.g. I am Bob and I am connected to Lisa through our mutual friend Ted who is also a registered member. This lets me talk to Ted about forming a science collaberation with Lisa. Should for for up to four degrees of separation, showing each person in the link.

After final product, you must provide support to fix bugs and minor corrections.




Should work with IE, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Opera. Optionally streamlined wrapping ability for mobile browsing.

It is essential that it integrates and works bug free with Joomla cms

Taidot: AJAX, kaikki käy, CSS, Joomla, MySQL, PHP

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