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We have a custom system written in PHP4 with MySQL This handles a number of tables in the data base, the data is used on 2 different sites at the same time with one custom Admin interface. Everything is working but we need to add more features and the original programmer is not available any more.

Here is a list of changes and additions we are looking into.




Multiple Type of Lists, need one for

1-users of Coupon Sites

2-Users of ConventionAid site

3-Exhibitors of Conventsion

4- Show(event) Management

Possibly another type (List could grow)

The person should have the ability to subscribe or un-subscribe, with Verification emails sent to confirm these changes.

Also they should be able to Un-subscribe when an email is sent.

Need the ability to create a newsletter online. and store them. Is it possible to take an uploaded word doc and then convert it?

We need the ability for the Supplier/patner/Advertisers to upload documents that can be included in a Newsletter. (more information below)

Then they will need to select which ones to be included to the list. (this would be done though some kind of authenicated admin function)

Emails should be able to be sent out in 3 Possible formats, Plain text, HTML Email or PDF.

Of course this need to send emails and not as a bulk cc or bcc, but As individual emails and have a delay after each 10 so it does not look like a spam.

NOTE For collection of End users: Need the Ability to have a popup when they go to print coupons to ask them if they want to sign up to the newsletter

Something like (configurable):

---- Popup comment-

Online & Direct Mail Offers

Thinking about coming to Orlando? Let us help you make up your mind and save money. To receive our special online offers please select the offers of interest and provide your e-mail address below. Your selected offers will be immediately e-mailed to you.



[login to view URL]


External Links, Allow lines to wrap, so if there is more then 6 links per line it will wrap to next line. Better would be to figure out how man characters in the names of the menu links and wrap to whole link buttons are on different lines as needed so you don't end up with doulble line links.


User Review of Venues


For a person to submit a review they must be logged into the system.

The form should ask to confirm their password and possibly email, they should also have to agree to Terms of usage & Privacy Policy (one check box) and a second check box that signs them up to a newsletter.

I'd think the form should have the following

First Name (REQ)

Last name (REQ)

Company Name






Zip Code

Member Name (REQ)

Email Address (REQ)

Password (REQ)

Verify Password (REQ) (not stored in db)

reminder password Question - OR WE CAN PICK LIKE 6 Possible Question and link the number to the profile.

reminder password answer

Note this same form can be used for Newsletters

** NOTE admin interface need the ability to review, edit, delete or even add members to the above.

( database should not be the same Db as the admin users table. ??)

A review form for the vendor to be submitted should take the following

Title of review

General Text field for comments

Pros: - Varchar 200

Cons: - Varchar 200

Rating 1-10 (10 being best)

This should be on the page but only show the Average rating on the page, then offer a link or second tab to show the actual ratings

probably only list like 5 with a click for more.


Group Planning


Also for Group Info/Menu allow for capture of people information for newsletters.

(But need this to go into a separate table or more info, would want the following information:

Name (required), company (optional), e-mail address (required), address (optional), phone (optional)

Need a Login based system that allow the Planners/Advertisers to be able to Download the latest data.

Need added to admin an interface to allow an editor to come in and update information that is stored on each Exhibitor planner.

The listing will contain information like : logo, listing name, group contact name, title, phone, fax, address, link to that listing


DOCUMAN -Online Document System


Documan (similar) to what we have, with Rights Managements used in admin to restrict access and fiew

I have the code if needed,

Give thought on how can someone go into the admin, and they can pick the file from this system and email the link to them anyone and let them have access to this file only???




Need ability to Login to admin with a limited view to

add month advertisement that is one page *8x11 and this can be one per newsletter type.

They will need to be able to Reset their Own passwords, a forgot login screen also to email to email on file.

Ability to allow Vendor's (Directory listing people) to Request Update their Information (with log of changes they request). They changes would require storing this info separate, or making back up of original record. This would be for their Direct listing not any ads or another info attached to their listing.

(Example items on this page -[login to view URL]


Trade Show Events and Vendors will need some Right changes


Need a input screen for the tradeshow information (EVENTS) into QUEUE to be reviewed.

Can we build a Generator to build the shortcuts for the tradeshows ???? (ADD)

Need ability to Input vendors into a Queue to Rewview to put in live db tables




Need automated process to auto backup database files (CRON)

So that there is a complete copy of the database created each night and stored by with the current date.

So we would be able to check things if by chance they over write items.

Probably don't need more then 30 days but I can always edit the script.

Can the script, maybe be setup to removed the older copies????




He would like the ability to see previous data in the monthly/yearly page views reports, so he would like to see the data by clicking back up to 12 months




Can we build a custom report engine like Crystal reports does so they can define on the fly other reports and save them?

I'm setting the price low, but I will consider all bigs, I'm looking for a programmer that will handle this project and other that we have coming along, plus more updates to this project as needed.

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