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I am looking for a PHP based mapping system. This system will be plugged into a game, so no need to write athentication.

This would need to have a good OO design and allow the admin to create maps based on a grid system. 1 acre of land would be one grid unit. So I could upload a small image (say 10px by 10px) as one acre of land. Then draw (in a webpage) out the map. Once I have drawn the map, I can click save and export that will store the image. For example, there could be a pannel on the right with 1 acre images (10px x 10px images) that the admin can select from for drawing out the map.

Each 1 acre block needs to have a type (like water/land/tree/ and so on) I also need to be able to add, edit and remove land types.

In the end, the user will be able to view the maps (or parts of the map, need to be able to set the viewable area) with zoom in and zoom out.. (and scrool (left, right, up, down)).

There needs to be events to detect clicks on the grid (on a acre) that I can then perform actions in PHP.

I also need the ability to draw on the map realtime (the user clicks, an 1 acre iamge is placed where they clicked)

Needs to be as custmizable as possible.

Must be able to support IE and Firefox / with and without Ajax.


Josh W.

Side note: when a user clicks on an acre of land, the event needs also be able to tell me the type of acre it is (based on the acre type - like land/water and so on).

You also will be doing the database design. All the maps that are designed by the admins need to be stored in the database to be used by the game.

Another note:

if needed, I will give you access to a FTP account with a real URL and database for testing / working.


User requested more detail... lets try this again...

So, we have a mapping system in two parts (admin, client). The admin needs to be able to create maps that will be stored as images AND in the database (images are exported for view by the client. the info that is stored in the database for mapping grid points to acre types - and recreating / exporting maps is needed). The admin will choose images to upload that will be used as one acre tiles. The admin can set the default tile size (for example 10x10 or 20x20) they will always be square. Once the admin has uploaded some images and given them a type (like tree / water / land / sand / dirt or whatever) they can be placed on the map. the lowest level of zoom will be where the admin draws the map (acre by acre). This can be by clicking a acre tile and selecting an area (one or more acres). JavaScript can be used to capture the clicks and or events. The more stream line (AJAX) the better. Once the admin is done, he can save the map to the database for later editing and or export it to be viewed by a client.

There will be many zoom levels all generated by PHP when the admin clicks export. You can make it the way you feel is best, but I think different levels of "tiles" would would be the best way (stored as images) and peaced together to be viewed.

map view side:
The admin can define the display size of a map (like 400px x 600px) and the starting point of the map (where it will center over). The admin can also set a boundaries that the user can view outside of (top left xy, bottom right xy). The user can zoom in and zoom out and scroll north, north-east, east, south-east, south, south-west, west, north-west. The user can also click on the map to zoom in. Once the user is at a point where an acre can be determined (last few zoom levels) when the user clicks on a acre an event will fire (in JS or however you see fit) that will send a request to the server telling it where the user clicked. This will allow for building placement, troop movement, and so on. The server will respond by updating the map (using PHP to draw on the selected acre) and the user will see the change real-time. if the user is happy and clicks a button, like "move troops" (the button part will be done by me) some event must be able to trigger the saving of that map drawing so that everyone who is viewing the map would see the change.

The map should be updating real-time. if a Acre changes while I am viewing the map, the new images should be displayed to the user.

There is also the possiblity of loading a map, then placing (drawing) acre (tile) changes specific to that viewer (user). For example if user A is moving his troops to xy from xy... only user A should be able to see that... only changes to the map that "everyone" can see should be stored to an image (if we have 10,000 people playing, it would take a lot of resources to generate that image every time they view it.)

If you have a better design / changes to this plan, you are welcome to suggest them. I will not force any "method" of completing the task at hand...

Must be able to support IE and Firefox / with and without Ajax.

Josh W.

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