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-This project should take about 1 to 2 hours and is fairly simple (Dont let the length of the description discourage you!) -Everything is already thought out. I apologize for the lengthy description. In it I describe every single detail and how the script will work. NO design is required. -I need this done as fast as possible. -I am solid in PHP, and can help with some of the backend server-side coding. -I would really like the SAJAX framework ( [url removed, login to view] ) to be used, it is very simple to understand and the code from many of the examples can be used in this project. However, this is not a requirement. -ESCROW is fine. -If you have any questions or dont understand the description, feel free to ask. ------------------------------------- Basically, I need a small tournament ajax/php script that will ask 2 users a question. The loser is eliminated and the winner is matched with another person. This continues until there is only 1 person left. ------------------------------- Complete Description: 1. User logs into my website (part already coded) 2. He goes to Page 1 (the "arena") 3. Page 1 checks if session exists and checks if some other requirements are met - if this returns false, the user is redirected to a different page. If everything is okay, the user stays on the page. (part already coded) 4. Provided that user isnt redirected, he is entered in an "active_users" SQL table. 5. Every 1 second, the user stays on the page, the "active_users" table entry should update via ajax with the current time. Page 1 will have a table showing active users within the last 5 seconds. 6. There will also be a SQL table called "engage." This table should have a single column. The admin will set the time the game will begin. 7. Page 1, should display a countdown, counting down until the contest starts. Once its time to start the game, a link will appear with the following words: "Start the Game" - this URL should take users to Page 2. The column "started" will be set to 1 in the "active_users" SQL table, to show that the user is ready to play. -- The reason I split it up into 2 pages is b/c I thought it would be easier, and less messy 8. Page 2 will do the same verification done in Step 3, and it will make sure that the game has really started - if anyone of these conditions arent met, the user is redirected. 9. The first text on page 2 will be "Finding opponent...". The script will try to find a user who is ready to play (whose "started" column is set to 1). Once a user is found, both users "started" columns will be set to 2. (There will also be a "round" SQL table where each of the rounds are stored.) Also, once a user match is created, both users IDs along with the time will be stored in the "round" table. 10. There will also be a SQL table called "questions." This table will hold a question and answer. Once a user match is created, a question is randomly chosen from the "questions" table. There will be a form, where users will enter their answers. Once an answer is submitted (via ajax), it will be checked. If its correct the match will end. The data on this page must be refreshed as fast as possible. On the losers browsers, it will redirect to a page that says you lost. The "started" column will be set to 0. The "round" table will be updated with the question ID, and the winners name. As for the winner, the value in the "started" column (in the "active_users") will be set back to 1. There will be another column in the "active_users" table, called "counter" - it will have the number of rounds the user has won, by default it will be set to zero. The winning users "counter" column will be increased be 1 everytime he wins. Before going to step 11, the script will also check if there is anymore competition available (by seeing if there are any users in the "active_user" table whose "started" column value is greater than 0). If there is no competition, the user is redirected to a page that says he won. 11. The user will be back at Step 9. Note, now I will explain everything that is done in step 9 (now that you understand how everything works). In step 9, the script will also try to match users who have the smallest values in the "counter" column. As mentioned above, the script will match users whose started column is set to 1. This ensure that the user isnt in a round already. The data will have to refresh as fast as possible.

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