Fetch Email content

We need either python or perl module that will be used to:

read e-mail from certain POP3 mailbox.

check if the email has attachments that are MS WORD or PDF or

HTML or TXT files (the check should be based NOT only by the file

.extension !)

if the attachment is one of the above formats then save the attachments to disk using unique file name with the original file extension. (the module should have interface to set the directory

where emails are saved)

Create a text file in the same directory with the following format

sender email

current date in a dd/mm/yyyy format

subject line (one line)

email body

empty line

original attachment file name #1,the name of the file #1 on disk

original attachment file name #2,the name of the file #2 on disk


original attachment file name #N,the name of the file #N on disk

The filename should be unique with the extension ".mail"

all filenames must include only alphanumeric characters

The module should have the following interface methods (and probably some other)

1. Set the extract to directory

2. Set POP3 server, username & password

3. Set callback function that will be called after every email processing

this callback function should get:

sender email

the unique *.mail filename created

the extract to directory

4. method that should read the mailbox

it should return the number of emails read or

negative error code as needed

5. method that gets the above return value and return 0 if there is no

error or a descriptive error string like "wrong username or password"

"server timeout" etc...

all the parameters needed must be provided using interface methods

The bidder should create a unit test cgi application on his server that based on a form that enable entering pop3 server suername & password

and will display content of all *.mail files created (the bidder can select the extract to directory himself...) every \n is replaced by and the name of the file on disk is link that enable downloading the attachment file.

the application will display the error string if it failed to read the

emailbox for some reason.

no special design needed this cgi application is only for testing the bider work before we approve it, we will do test for period of 5 days before approving the work

we should get all the source code documented and we get all copyrights and we can do whatever we want with the code including changing it and reselling it, eating it ..:-)

the module should be compatible with ms windows and all the module dependencies as well, it must be based only on open source code no special modules that cost money or limit our ability to distribute the code are allowed !

we want simple code that is easy to maintain

we have several other modules we need so if you do well on this one you may get others too.

oops... The budget entered is wrong you can bid above it... no way to edit it...

we do not want to use MS mail object model - it requires e-mail application (outlook) installation nor we want VB. Python or perl only

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