Develop substantial web site following the owners© instructions on design and layout with the following features (1) two natural language search tools that search contents of html and/or pdf documents that are available on another website (may require creation of a database and automated transfer of public, non-copyrighted documents since the documents on the host web site are not accessible by web searches only site specific searches) (2) on line store to purchase downloadable documents with standard payment options (3) home page with easily updateable headlines in blogger format (4) chat room with typical logon (5) subscriber only access to certain pages with lost username & password feature (6) multistep calculator tool based on walkthrough interview requesting user for data (7) classifieds page whereby users can submit classified advertisements (8) product search tool and live index with internal links to supplier profiles (9) links to other websites and features at other websites that update automatically (10) ability for owner to easily add links and advertising (11) ability for owner to easily edit and add text and graphics and documents (MS Word) to all pages and readily rearrange content (12) web statistics page showing hits, tracking, etc. of users (13) ©contact us© email and (14) the usual web site features. The ability to develop an easy to use search tool on the site that retrieves documents (©published decisions© and ©recent decisions©) based on their content from another site ([url removed, login to view]) without leaving the new site is the primary criteria for selecting a developer. The developer©s abilities to educate the owners and work with them on a continuing basis are also important.


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