NTFS Hard Link Scan, Create, Restore



Windows Server, all versions

Windows Vista, all versions

Windows XP, all versions

Visual Studio 2008, C#

100% license free - you can use it yourself, but we will own the code.



This is a 36 hour project - I have broken a client's system by using a 3rd party NTFS hard link tool.

It is broken because the files are replicated across multiple servers and the hard links do not replicate - I therefore have to restore the links, or recreate the links by Scanning on the first server, exporting the output and then Linking on the second.

We need an application to Scan, Link and Restore files from NTFS hard links. It can be a console app or winform, we dont care - we would consider a bit more for a GUI - suggest you quote Console price and offer step 2 GUI addition.

Do not bid without:

1. Stating your first, final and complete price to finish this. No rates, variations or other schemes.

2. Stating your exact understanding of the deliverables and schedule

3. Stating the .NET API involved

4. Stating the duplicate search algorithm

We like to be fair to bidders, but this time, unless we get all 4 of the above, we wont respond.



The application will be delivered within 12 hours of award, we will test it within another 12 hours and provide feedback, then you will fix it within 12 hours if it doesnt work as specified.

We will then escrow the payment, and you will provide source code.

Missing the timescale will forfeit the project.

The App



The application shall be able to recursively scan a supplied absolute path NTFS directory looking for duplicate files.

We anticipate a prescan on file size then a precise scan on MD5 checksum - you can propose a more efficient scheme, but it must be stated.

The scan shall create output (CSV, TSV, XML, etc) suitable for sorting and editing in MS Excel. We anticpate columns - Number of matches, File Size, checksum, Relative Path 1, Relative Path 2, Relative Path n, etc.

Link (input Scan result and absolute path)

The application will determine whether each entry matches the associated Relative Paths.

For each entry a match is confirmed if at least one Relative Path exists and has a matching checksum.

In this case files matching other Relative Paths are moved to a temp replica tree pending deletion (out of scope) and NTFS hard links created to replace them.

An output file shall be created, similar to the Scan output except an entry with Number of matches=0 shall be created if no match was found.

Restore (input Scan result and absolute path)

Restore will be the same as Link except the matched entry will be created as a new file. New file security shall default to parent folder.

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