Modify a C# program and make UML diagrams

A while ago I had someone write a C# program for me to plot points on a chart: [url removed, login to view]

The person completed it but now I need to modify it and he is either unable or unwilling to modify it so I'm putting it to you guys to help me out. I need this done in two days or quicker!

The chart plotter program has a callback method built in that gets called when a moving time line hits each data point as it passes. I want you to identify this method and how to use it to carry out the task:

I want you to incorporate another program into this method so that the program sends signals to an external USB device via a DLL. You don't need to know anything about the device and you don't need to test it - you just need to know how to program it using its API.

The manual and sample sourcecode for this device's software interface is available in the zip archive (see the link) and the sourcecode examples are available in VB.NET and [url removed, login to view] but this is a C# program so I don't know what you guys do, but it should be easy to figure out how it works and incorporate it into the chart plotter program. [url removed, login to view]

Basically, when the time line is started, it will open a connection to the device by running the openDevice(0) method. Pressing the Stop button will run the closeDevice() method to close the connection. You just have to figure out how to send the data plotted in the graph using this API to the device.

If, for example, I wanted to feed 5 Volts over 20 minutes and I draw a square-wave graph that represents this, I want the program to start a connection through this DLL to the device and maintain a voltage of 5V for 20 minutes when I press the start button. It should close the connection when the time line ends or when I manually stop it. It should follow the graph I plotted exactly.

I also need a few small modifications done to the program and a set of UML diagrams of the main components of the chart plotter program. A good written description of how things tie together in the program and how it works would also be helpful.

Thank you.

If you have any questions please PM.

You must be sure you can solve the problem and quickly before you bid - this is the second time this has been posted. I think the other guy was a novice C# programmer and did not read the description properly.

You must actually understand what I wrote - British, American & Australian coders are preferred.

Please keep prices low.

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