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1. We are using Log4net which is writing to a text file for our Error Logging.

a. However we need it to be configured to write to a DB table, and only if DB fails it will write to text file.

b. Also we need the option for Log4Net to write the log file in a different time zone to the server it runs on.

c. There should be a flag in the config file to set our time zone and switch between server and named zones.

2. Write a Monitor web service that when called will check our homepage response time.

a. The Monitor method will be called every 30 seconds, and write a history record to DB

b. If the site is down it will send an email to administrator

3. Write a Scheduler web service.

a. The service will run constantly checking the DB every 15 mins to get current schedule.

b. If DB is down only call monitor service until it comes back up again.

c. A scheduled task can be run as frequently as every 30 seconds,

d. Each task should execute in a asynchronous thread and report success or failure.

e. Write a web page to list/add/delete/edit all scheduled tasks

2. Store the Error/Monitor/Schedule histories in the same Db table.

a. We need a web page with a simple search form to search the history records.

b. Search form fields: startdate, enddate, keywords. The results list will need paging as well.

c. For errors it should have an option to limit the list to unique errors.

4. We need a new Google friendly sitemap, all our WebPages are already stored in DB with URLs, link text and categories, you just need a web page to display this information in an intuitive way for people while staying Google friendly.

5. Gallery Control – Add the following features to our existing control.

a. Database side Paging solution with our new DAL (LINQ / NHIBERNATE)

b. Display Counts for article and property search results, like Google does (33 of 100 results)

c. When clicking price of property use AJAX to show a div layer popup to show the price in 6 other currencies. We have a method to call to make the exchange on the base rate which we store in the database.

d. These changes need to be integrated into our site with relevant changes to HMTL & CSS supplied.

6. Find a free program to use for simulating load testing on our site. We want to test for 10,000 daily visits. We need to know how many concurrent users we will have with 10,000 visits. Possibly 500 concurrent users so we need a program to test the availability of our site under this load.

7. We have an AJAX image viewer

a. Currently when clicking a thumbnail to load a picture it show the text “submit query”.

b. We want this changed to the animated gif of a circle going around and around. Possibly with a word “Processing”.

8. We have an image upload form when entering a new property.

a. Currently it uploads multiple pics but only 3mb limit. It also compresses photos server side and creates 3 different sizes and stores them in the DB.

b. We want a control that can upload multiple images in one go, with no limit.

c. It should have a progress bar for each photo and a total progress bar.

d. If it could compress images on the client before uploading that would be great, if not find a small program users can download and it will compress their images to our max size used on our site, ready for uploading.

e. when adding images, set the first image to the “main image” and give the ability for the user to change this.

9. Comments / forum –

a. Create a user control .ascx to :

b. Add form to add Comments below articles

c. Add a list of all comments already made.

d. Add option to reply to comments already made.

e. Scan all comments for profanity (inappropriate words) and replace words with xxxx, if there is more than one obscene word disable the comment.

f. Our Db has special tables to provide automatic translation and maintains all content of site, your comment table will need to integrate with this.

10. We have an external links page for reciprocal links.

a. We need the option for other site to add their link, URL, Name, Description, Category, Email etc.

11. For our user address registration form :

a. We want the city, state and country dropdown lists pre-selected with the users current GEO location.

b. The GEO location will already be stored in the current Session .

12. We also need data populated for the following DB tables.

a. A list of all cities in the states of Rio Grande Do Norte and Paraiba in Brazil

b. A list of all suburbs for the all the cities above, with a relationship between them.

c. We have a text file with the list however its around 20mb and hangs in windows and SQL manager before we can import it.

• In your development you must follow Microsoft naming conventions, and standard design concepts and techniques.

• We have further guidelines to follow for Schema requirements and coding standards.

• You must follow Test Driven development framework and create and include Tests for all your methods. Your work must be tested thoroughly, optimised and functioning correctly.

• You must provide a complete solution, including detailed documentation on how it works and instructions for use/integration, including limitations etc. Documentation providing lists of methods and properties is not helpful. You will need to work with us somewhat to direct us how to integrate your solutions with our site, and may need to revise interfaces slightly.

• Upon acceptance we will supply you with complete details of the tasks.

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