Ok, I have a trailer 7 x 18 feet. I am planning on using this trailer to advertise my business with.

Ok, my plan is to create 2 large graphic banners about 10 ft high and 18 ft long. These banners will go onto the structure item that will be placed on the trailer. One banner for each side.

This structure I need designed, and laid out for my fabrication team to create needs to be from aluminum pipe, light weight and have some feature where I can take the vinyl banners off and on with ease, and when MUST be secure, and tight..

I am thinking of a A frame design that would be strapped down to the trailer, and would allow air to flow through it for effiantcy, and to make sure it doesn’t break, or try and fly away.

I hope this makes sense?


I need a aluminum pipe structure, possibly an A frame design 10 feet high, and 18 feet long that will house a 10 foot high, 18 ft long graphic banner, that is light weight, and able to hold the vinyl graphic in place, and if I need to take graphic off, its easy, and if I need to put another graphic on, its easy as well.

I would also like 2 safety type beacons that will be attached to each end of the structure on top, that can be turned off/on with a switch placed on the structure.

I can have the banners created larger than the structure to allow some type of racthet system?? not sure..please use own creativity if need be

I uploaded trailer specs.


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