Myspace Accounts/Emailing Bot Program

Hi, how are you? I was unsure of the best programming job to fit this project under, so please go over the project and let me know your thoughts.

The project we need done, is similar to the many myspace adder bots you see except this one will be for personal use and its sole purpose is not just for adding friends, it is more about commenting and emailing... It is a fairly simple project compared to some of the work I have seen done in the past on here, it may be time consuming though but thats depends on you. Please read thoroughly, it may look like a lot but really its just a lot of small details.

Also, please keep in mind, the bidding company with the fairest bid, who can complete all the job needs in detail, will get all our upcoming projects (if interested) that will be on a much larger scale and will be in the thousands of dollars. So please bid fair because this project needs to be very affordable and done quickly, the quicker the better but needs to work flawlessly. We also need this to be professional and the script and its program, needs to be released to us when its done, as our sole property and you AGREE to those terms, when you bid. No need for a lengthy contract, lets keep it simple and realistic and done professionally, mainly because of myspace and their terms and this way they wont have a problem with what we are doing and no it will not be considered spam.

We need this program to do the following and have the following requirements.

- It will consist up of 300 myspace accounts (used only for us, no shared accounts you might already use), if you feel you cant achieve that many, we may be able to work with 100-200 but specify in bid and we will go from there.

-They will be from a specific targeted area, I can Pm the winning bidder, all the needed locations but most accounts will be from one specific city and local region.

-The profiles will be a 60-40 ration between girls 60 and guys 40. Use real first names for the most part. Also follow myspace terms, these will be accounts for mostly 14-23yr olds and some 24-30(like 20-25% of them), so nothing vulgar that could get us deleted.

-We will need these accounts to look unique from one another, colors, pictures, who they are describing... And like we said, we will specify locations later, since its undecided.

-We need this program to run all these accounts some how, where we can open the bot program, and for instance,

choose accounts 1-50 or 1-300... Each with a time frame next to them, where they can login/logout(including time in/out) after doing what its told like commenting a friend, their pictures, blogs, messaging a friend, anything and everything along the lines in myspace. A way so we can tell the program to do it in mass numbers but so they dont do it at exactly same time, and look bot like.

-We need a place in this program where we can come up with various messages for commenting, blogging, emailing and can be saved, then next to each account, we can say use message 1 or 6 or 100, whatever we designed, so we dont have to type more then once, for each message we want.

-Also utilize those features to send out bulletins. Like 1-300 schedule bulletin and we can click our already created message or create a new. Then again bot will login/logout and post it.

-We need a way where we can tell the program to add a specific friend id (somewhere we can fill in and update new friends that we want all accounts to add) and the program will login, logout each account 1-300 and add that friend id we specified. I think myspace flags accounts when people add to fast, any ideas on that? We probably wont have these accounts add more then 50 friends a day.

It also needs to do this with as many friend ids as we want to run in the program but will probably keep at 50 a day but you never know.

For instance

Program Add--Friend id.







but with the actual myspace member id code (that we can copy from browser) or however easiest

and we can tell the program to add those accounts to all friends or 1-25 or 100-200...

-We also need you to have this program add almost all the accounts you create, to each other from the start.

So have 1-100 add 100 of the accounts

100-200 add 200 of the accounts

200-300 add 300

As long as there is a variation and they all have been added one way or another to each other and make it more real, instead all 300 with 300 friends. If you can make them have even more randomness, thats a plus.

-We need to be able to upgrade this program easily, if we ever want more accounts added, no limits on anything.

-We also need to be able to know if for instance, account 106 was deleted and can be easily replaced with a new one, which we can upload and the program can add it to our existing 1-300 accounts again...

- We need the program to function almost like a person to the point where it could do things like program accounts 1-60 or 1-300...and add and copy a youtube video into those profiles. We will just need an area to paste text code and then tell the bot to add it to the specified number of accounts... and same goes for adding a specific song to their page that can be chosen by "friend member id" and your code or whatever is easiest and the bot will go through and add the song too all accounts selected. So again its more realistic and easily changed, when needed.

-We also need you to use individual email accounts and password with each user but all different, no identical screen names and passwords. Use the main emails (aol,yahoo,hotmail,gmail), keeping it more realistic and this info saved in the bot program with access of screen names and password if needed but not needed to be typed in because it needs to be saved with each account 1-300, so it can be just told to start and work with ease. Also use the same names here that you will use for myspace including the region they are from, that we will give you.

-Also we need you to make this program act as a mass emailer by using its same features but logging into its email account(the ones you create and if we add more) and sending it to the specified emails we want sent, like email account 1-26 send to joe at Just like the myspace features, we can just click pretyped saved messages and click start and the bot program does the rest. But it has to do the work like above, like signing in with password and screen name. All we do is set the accounts to run, pick message and click start and the bot program will login, logout after doing specified work.

-This program will not be used for anything illegal but I still want it to be secure and safe and keeping the ip address I use the bot on, blocked from the websites it is accessing, to help assure there should be no problems. Unless sites look for that and flag accounts, you tell me? We just want it to run smoothly and problem free. I know myspace saves your login name when you sign out and asks "not you" if you want to sign in as a different user, so that will probably need understood in this this program.

The program does not have to be very flashy looking but as long as you can make it look good, bold and easy to read and use with all the above features in a flawless manner, then we want to work with you and will on future projects because we would like to affiliate ourselves, with a good reliable company. Thank you for stopping by and reviewing our project, have a good day.


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