idea of Adrenaline: Live Videos

{all the events of sports and dares will be streamed in live video for the mobile user who will watch and support by gifts-money.

we will need all dares to be safely orders given by the supporters in comments in the live chat.

like the normal live streaming apps>live videos > these live videos will show any competition and the hosts will name it and the supporters will give the players gifts-money.

so, we will have two users. one will be front of the cam in the live video as a competitor-host and the second one will be the watcher who will pay to support the player or the competitor-host.

we will let the (hosts or the player – or the fighter or the racer – or the person who streams) to choose the name and the type of the game or sport they need to play and every one of them will stream the challenge from his own mobile to his watcher or supporter in his own room or channel, and everyone will have his supporters who will send him the gift or the denotations-money}

I need the project implemented as a website, Android, IOS systems.

We will use a real map for events

The application includes:

1)Competitors-hosts will be front of the cam


The application's will organize dates and locations of the events.


Whether racers or Various sports fighters.

The application goal is to gather people interested in this events

-The supporters will pay for a lot of features like chatting and ability to follow events they want and get notified.

-players: specially the racers and Fighters

(BY using QR code+fingerprint+device ID number)

it is important, as a matter of confirmation, to confirm the identity of people, so that I will use the fingerprint method of the participants to enter and must enter from his own mobile phone. Specially and specifically for (RACERS AND FIGHTERS)

This is how we make sure that he is the same person and this is his mobile via his mobile ID & QRcode to be sure he paid to participate.

me as admin be able to send messages & notify them, but they will not communicate with each other.

It should be bilingual in Arabic and English.

we need the ability to track competitors during the competition by, for example, tracking their mobile phone and monitor them on the map during races.

Providing that each runner (during the race) knows in what order is he, who is in front of him and who is behind him.

Terms and Conditions of Use:

No (betting, gambling, sacrifice, risk, mixing between young men and girls, psychological or physical harm, drug promotion, drug abuse, alcohol or cigarettes, carrying a weapon, displaying a weapon, or any interaction whether by word or deed or by looking at any woman. The person and others and those around them should not be exposed to any kind of physical, psychological or physical danger, directly or indirectly.)

And the laws must be respected according to the country in which the person who downloads and uses the application resides, and not to break them, and not to infringe modesty, nudity, or suggestions.

It is not allowed to carry out orders or challenges that endanger you or put others at risk.

It is not allowed to carry out any challenge that orders you to go to a place or destination that you do not know and do not secure.

It is not allowed to infringe, disrupt or tamper with any employee while performing his job or any other citizen in any case.

With regard to financial matters:

I want to make all the ways are easy to pay with many different methods.

throught mobile wallets and credits.

and credit card-Debit Card-Google Wallet.

-nobody be can track the money deposited in which account, or was sent by whom?


1) only racers & fighters will use the fingerprint and device id or QR code.

2)all users can use the application for free.

3)Every account can log in through one device at once.

3)upgrading features to people who pay to support.

4)Users type 1=hosts–players introduce a show.

5)Users type 2=supporters-viewers

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