Multiplayer card game

We are interested in having the following game created as a multiplayer platform.


The aim is to get rid of all your cards as soon as possible. The last player left with cards is called the Pleb, or whatever term is locally used.

Players and Cards

4 players using a 52 card pack, 4-8 using a double pack of cards. The suits are irrelevant and the cards rank, from high to low, 2 A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3.


The game is played clockwise. All the cards are dealt out. Some players may have one more than others.


The player to dealer's left starts by leading (face up) any single card or any set of cards of equal rank (for example three fives). Each player in turn must then either pass (i.e. not play any cards), or play face up a card or set of cards which beats the previous play.

A single card is beaten by any higher single card. A set of cards can only be beaten by a higher set containing the same number of cards. So for example if the previous player played two sixes you can beat this with two kings, or two sevens, but not with a single king, and not with three sevens (though you could play two of them and hang onto the third).

It is not necessary to beat the previous play just because you can - passing is always allowed. Also passing does not prevent you from playing the next time your turn comes round.

The play continues as many times around the table as necessary until someone makes a play which everyone else passes. All the cards played are then turned face down and put to one side, and the player who played last (and highest) to the previous "trick" starts again by leading any card or set of equal cards.

For example the play might go:


44 Pass Pass 66 99

JJ Pass Pass Pass KK

Pass Pass AA Pass Pass

Pass Pass

C then starts again by leading any card or set.

When a player whose turn it is to play has no more cards left, the turn passes to the next player in rotation. Therefore in the example, if the two aces were C's last two cards, it would then be D's turn to play anything.

Social Status

The first player who is out of cards is awarded the highest social rank - eg President - the next is Vice-President, then Citizen and so on down. The last player to be left with any cards is known as the Pleb or by various terms of abuse. Ideally, we would want the players to determine the names used when initially setting up their profile for the game. Different countries use different names.

If keeping score, the players get points depending on their position - for example 2 for the President, 1 for the Vice President and nothing for the others. More importantly, the players of higher status are entitled to enjoy and generally abuse their power over the lower ranking players. Requesting a player to commit a certain (legal) act, photograph or video and upload for the other players to view would be ideal.

Players are dealt in order of rank, the first card is dealt to the President, the second to the Vice President, and so on down.

When the deal is complete, the Pleb must give his highest card to the President, and the President gives back in exchange any card which he does not want.

The President then leads any card or set of cards and the game continues as before.

Stats could be set for a final ranking and number of games at that rank. Number of games could also be set at the beginning of the game.

Porting to iPad would be good too.

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