complete upgrade from 2010 ios to 2012 ios, add a few new

Need someone to complete the upgrade from original version (launched in 2010) to the current 2012 ios (iPhone & iPad). Need to complete this in 2 weeks. My original developer started the process, but had to stop work due to personal situation. So I need to find someone to COMLETE the job and BECOME MY NEW Apple Developer moving forward for this APP and future apps :)

1- I have a list of things that need adjusting since they aren't working exactly right in the latest build/ios (seem like pretty minor adjustments)

2- I have some new functionality that I'd like added (see lists below). NOTE: If any of these "new" items seems super-time-consuming, let me know, as I might opt to leave something out.

Background info: The App is called: The Christmas Sweater-izer (related to the ugly Christmas Sweater party trend). The way the APP works: You either take a photo or select a photo from your album, then you outline the person's head (using points & arc lines to get a detailed, precise outline), then that head gets placed on the next screen where you finalize your image. You swipe through various ugly sweater options and hat options and can size, move and rotate those items and the head image to compose your unique "Christmas Sweater-ized" image. You can also lock an item or move an item to the front/back. You can also swipe through dif background options, frame options and can add text in order to complete your unique/hilarious image. An item glows yellow when it is selected or blue when it is locked. There is also a "Random" function which populates a random combo of items. There is an option to add a second person (w/all the same functionality as 1st person). There is a help screen. You can save the image to a photo album or share it via various social media options.

Adjustments needed to current app (necessary tweaks due to upgrading ios):

-hats/sweaters are difficult to select and adjust (seems like you have to select below the item instead of on it)

-moving item forward/back not working consistently on all items

-some sweaters not swiping smoothly

-one hat was getting stuck (black furry hat)

-crashing when photo taken with your phone - once on screen where you select outfit, can't move/size head/locks up...doesn't do it every time.

-social media sharing screen (this looks different than previous version of app):

---Should all be on 1st page (not "more")

---The option to "Save to Photo Album" is gone, needs to be put back in - make it the first option.

---Previously, the Email option had you choose what file-size you wanted to send (small, medium, large), now it just automatically sends large - can we go back to having options? Or, better yet, can the largest file be emailed, but "the view" of the image "size to the window" in the email? [maybe you have a recommendation on how best to handle this question?]

-On iPad, when attempted to email, got an error message: "an interval error occurred"

Changes/New Functionality I would like to Add:

-Ability to SAVE a head (so it can be reused another time)

-Switch out a few sweater/hat/frame/background images

-When additional person is added, have their beginning sweater/hat be different than the beginning sweater/hat of previous people

-Add some pop-up messages

-Add new social media sharing options: Instagram & PInterest


-Create 2 versions of the APP (free & premium):



-----In-APP purchase to upgrade functions (ability to add more than 2 people & ability to add additional sweaters/hats options). I would like the "upgraded" sweater/hat options included in the choices when you swipe through your options, but they would have a watermark/indication that they require upgraded package to utilize (maybe handle via "Upgrade" graphic symbol ON those images). -can "try on," must upgrade to use w/out graphic

-------All final images have my logo on them


-----All images available

-----Ability to add more than 2 people

----No ads

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