Simple Android App with 4 screens. See the description and pictures in the project - repost 2

General information: This app must be multilanguage(English, Italian, French, Spanish), so

output text must be encoded into variables and on startup, phone language must be detected and

App must switch to right output language.

We can translated the App from English. So the application default(Unable to detect language

or detecting language is unsupported) must be English. We just need to know where text arrays


1: Open the app;

Check if you're connected to the internet or not. (The user need to be online to be

authenticated by the server). If he/she is not connected, display an error message which

prompts him/her to connect to the internet.

If connected:

Check if the user login and password are stored into the encrypted file for option storage in

the mobile internal memory.

If they're not, save them into the encrypted file:

Go to Screen #1;

3: When the user types login button - encrypt with IMEI code and save data.

If the user chooses 'remember me' option, user login and password are stored within data else

they're not.

4: Authenticate user via php script on the server passing username and password as parameters.

If server authenticates the user goes ahead to Screen #2. Else get back to Screen #1 to ask

user again the right login and password.

5: After login, get location coordinates using wifi, cell internet or gps. Get screen

resolution(width & height).

The application will display an iframe(in webView) in which an html page(php script) will draw

a map. Settings have to be passed to the php script as parameters (ex.:

[url removed, login to view] and so on)

When coordinates change is detected this page is refreshed by the phone this time.

6: We need a left slide menu like in facebook application to swipe from Screen #3 to Screen


Screen #2 allows user to edit:

- on/off button - if this button is on - the user is online, we can read the coordinates and

screen resolution.

if this button is off - the user is offline, we don't need its coordinates and screen


- dropdown menu button with statuses set by us(ex. of items: I'll be back in one hour; Back

soon; I'll be online after one day and so on.). This button is active only if on/off button is

set to off.

- input text field button - this button is active only if on/off button is set to off. This

button is for manually typing the status if the status doesn't exist in the 'list of

statuses'(previous dropdown button).

When a value of one of the fields has changed it is stored into the server via a php script

(ex.: [url removed, login to view]


In Screen #2 we have 3 buttons:

Settings, Map and Close app.

When the 'Close App' button is pushed - close the app.

The 'Map' button is active only if the status is set to on.

When the 'Map button'(if active) is pushed go to Screen #4.

When the 'Settings' button is pushed go to Screen #3.

In Screen #3:

We need to read the ecrypted file and display info in that screen.

Info displayed are:



Remember me - check box;

Map type - dropdown menu, whose options are set by us.

Map zoom - dropdown menu, whose options are set by us.

Update interval - dropdown menu, whose options are set by us.

Now we are in the Screen #4:

we need to allow user to go back to Screen #3 with a left or right swipe menu(like in the

facebook application).

Screen #4 displays an iframe in webView mode and passes parameters like

[url removed, login to view]

When coordinates change this iframe is refreshed directly by the app with the new values for

the coordinates.

Uploaded files: App block diagram with the logic([url removed, login to view]); Screens pictures(5 files); Text file with description of numbers from every screen picture([url removed, login to view]).

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