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AdMob Specialist for App Optimization and Feature Implementation

$10-30 USD

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$10-30 USD

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We need an AdMob specialist to optimize and enhance the ad implementation within our mobile application. Our app currently utilizes various ad formats including banners, interstitials, native ads, reward ads, and open ads. We require assistance in several areas: Optimization: Review and optimize all ad placements to maximize revenue and user experience. Address any existing issues or inefficiencies in the current implementation. Reward Ad Feature: Evaluate the current implementation of the reward ad feature. Ensure that when a user engages with a reward ad, all other ads are hidden for a specified duration (previously 1 hour). Address any policy-related issues regarding this feature. Coinbase system add in app as per google policy. user watch the ads and earn coin. no login need. that coin to help ad free system. Interstitial Video Ads: Implement interstitial video ads to display upon app launch/splash screen. Ensure smooth loading of all ads during the splash screen phase. Native Template Removal: Remove existing native ad templates and integrate native ads directly into the app's UI. Dependency Updates: Upgrade dependencies including Gradle, OneSignal, Firebase, and resolve any yellow-marked issues. Dashboard Enhancement: Integrate a "Quiz" button within the app dashboard. Remove the "QR" button from the dashboard interface. AdMob Privacy Error: Address any privacy-related errors such as "Site Behavior: Navigation" within the AdMob setup. Requirements: Demonstrable experience with AdMob implementation and optimization. Proficiency in mobile app development, particularly Android. Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues efficiently. Strong communication skills and attention to detail.
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As an AdMob specialist and a seasoned mobile app developer with 7 years of experience, specializing in Android specifically, I believe I would be an excellent fit for your app optimization and feature implementation needs. Throughout my career, I've consistently demonstrated my ability to enhance user experiences exactly like what you're asking for. From reviewing and optimizing ad placements to ensuring smooth loading of ads during the splash screen phase, I've tackled and solved diverse challenges that you detailed in your project description. One significant advantage of working with me is how seriously I take communication and detail. This ensures thorough troubleshooting and resolution of any issues that may arise, just like the dependency updates you require with Gradle, OneSignal, and Firebase. Additionally, my expertise in mobile app development extends beyond AdMob as well. So not only can I help streamline your reward ad feature correctly aligning with all other applicable ads but also add value by integrating a "Quiz" button into your app dashboard while removing the "QR" button. To sum it up, choosing me will mean having a dedicated and reliable professional who provides tailored solutions based on creative insights gleaned from many years of successfully completing projects similar to yours. So why wait? Click the "Hire Me" button today to leverage this experience and let's optimize your app for both great revenue and user experiences together!
$20 USD 1 päivässä
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As an AdMob specialist with a proven track record of optimizing ad implementations, I bring a wealth of expertise and experience to enhance your mobile application. With a focus on maximizing revenue and user engagement, I will tailor strategies to meet your specific needs. My unique value proposition lies in my ability to analyze data effectively and implement targeted solutions for optimal results. My approach involves conducting a thorough audit of your current ad setup, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing strategic changes to drive performance. I estimate a timeline of two weeks for initial optimizations, with ongoing monitoring and adjustments to ensure sustained success. By continuously testing and refining ad placements and formats, I am committed to delivering exceptional results that align with your goals. I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you on this project and am confident in my ability to elevate your ad revenue and user experience. Thank you for considering my proposal.
$22,50 USD 4 päivässä
4,5 (3 arvostelua)
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Dear Client, Good luck with optimizing your mobile app's ad implementation! Unlike other proposals, mine is genuine and tailored to your needs. Don't miss out on enhancing revenue and user experience by optimizing ad placements to meet your ultimate goal of maximizing ad revenue while ensuring a seamless user experience. I'll optimize ad placements, implement interstitial video ads, and address privacy errors with clear milestones and updates throughout. You can relax knowing I'll handle everything. I'm an experienced AdMob specialist skilled in mobile app development, committed to post-delivery support. When do you need this project ready? Let's discuss!
$11,50 USD 6 päivässä
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I am writing to express my interest in collaborating and contributing my diverse set of skills in computer work, research, and marketing to enhance the effectiveness and success of your projects.
$20 USD 7 päivässä
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I read your project details, I have 13 years experience on your project. I can do it very easily Already i completed some projects like this. Just a Close your eyes and Trust me. I am sure, you will be happy
$13 USD 2 päivässä
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