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I have a working docker compose. My problem is it’s two containers behind a custom network. erigon container and a lighthouse container. they both get peers from external internet.

lighthouse on mac seems to not function and stops at a step it will connect to external website to get data.

this same docker compose works on windows, and lighthouse container processes as expected but the networking a small issue. it is loosing peers on windows, error says uPnP isn’t working but i’ve gone through all the windows settings and can’t find a problem

I’ve setup port forwarding on the router so not port conflicts, uPnP is turned on at the router, and windows service discovery, file sharing etc is turned on

I suspect it a unknown network issue with docker/ docker compose. this is my first docker compose for mac and windows and i work with linux not windows/mac.

The end result i’m looking for is both containers to

1. have stable peering

2. both sync

3. feedback on any required system settings for mac/windows/router for it to work.

I thought maybe someone with docker compose with windows/mac has easy fix for this.

including the readme with my current instructions i’ve put together .

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