pfSense reconfigure services. Skills pfSense (with certification or proof or discussion of level of understanding)

Job Description:

Am looking for someone who has 5 or more years of complex pfSense, OpenVPN and perhaps closed network Certificate Authority experience. If Freelancer does not allow phone conversations - this will be ignored due to complexity of project and that my final configuration state will not be subject to recording by Freelancer. (even if Freelancer commits to a non disclosure the risk of giving knowledge of a security appliance to a hacker is too great for any insurance that Freelancer may have.)

I also have a disability and have issues typing, so phone is reasonable as an accommodation. This partly caused failure of a recent project which I will be asking freelancer to allow the person that freelanced to keep the money yet also Freelancer company to refund that same money. Otherwise this will be the last project I post to Freelancer and I will blog about the company negatively from the United States. Freelancer to be proficient in speaking english, I have hearing aids so heavy accents have led to not understanding before. Disclosing this all makes the freelancer at ease about me. (I hope)

I wish to be able to do the following, which I believe is easy yet I will pay well:

Integrate OpenVPN client with ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN, Ivacy, Surfshark, and perhaps another OpenVPN provider. (ExpressVPN support has no directions for this unless I downgrade 3 versions and accept much risk, and lose functionality leaving open for hackers.

Desired end configuration:

WAN - current 1GbE to ISP

LAN - physical connect to WAP

Option1 - physical connect to Switch 1

Option2 - Physical connect to Switch 2

Option3 - Physical connect to home Proxmox

Option4 - open no restrictions or rerouting for testing or temp project work.

LAN and Option ports 1-3 must be the same network as though were a switch or hub (just very expensive one!) I am open to separate ports and policy based routing but have not had much luck with the 50 or so hosts used in obeying and working this way. LAN port is configured only with a WAP model AC86 Asus. I have many issues that I cannot isolate to the WAP or the pfSense.

I have a Core I7 dedicated to this purpose, and am open to use of Proxmox to virtualize if it does not add big complexity to the project. I am able to test with a smaller pfSense that with some help can allow proxy access to.

I will require an enforcable NDA which to my understanding means US Citizens only. I will obfuscate everything possible however if I cannot then will need project to remain in the US only and not with a company - an actual freelancer. Companies wish to keep data about configurations etc. I will only require the XML backup file once working, After we will not hear from each other, and all lab devices will be destroyed to prevent any possible contamination to the production networks. (Yes I mean burned or crushed destroyed) Wifi will be set up so that other nearby homes or someone with a phone and wifi on cannot see that we are test of the component.

Optional - The WAP has a 2.5GB capability as does my cable modem if we can make a LAGG or similar trunk group it will please me since I am not taxing the production firewall whatsoever.

I do also want to use other OpenVPN compatible services since at the end you will have no knowledge which ones I have purchased for use. I just provide server name and credentials. Will load vendor certificates/CAs myself for testing. Some of this I have working but want more options such as to use say one vpn provider for certain services different provider for other services.

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