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Kernel Driver and NVMe Fuzzing Expert

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₹1500-12500 INR

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I'm looking for a Linux expert with experience in Kernel driver and NVMe fuzzing. Your primary focus will be on identifying crashes and producing a detailed report on bugs, number of crashes and vulnerabilities. You can use popular tools like Syzkaller or Difuze or AFL++ to perform the fuzzing. Key Responsibilities: - Fuzzing a Kernel driver - Fuzzing NVMe (Leveraging NVMe Vert) - Identifying crashes - Creating a detailed report on bugs and vulnerabilities Deliverables: - Detailed step-by-step documentation on how the fuzzing was performed and the results Ideal Skills: - Strong experience working with Linux - Proven track record in Kernel driver and NVMe fuzzing - Familiarity with fuzzing tools such as Syzkaller or AFL++ or Difuze etc. If you have worked on fuzzing in the past, please bid.
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As an experienced Linux Engineer and Full Stack Developer, I can bring a unique combination of skills to your Kernel Driver and NVMe Fuzzing project. Having worked extensively with Ubuntu, CentOS, Kali Linux, Debian, and Rocky Linux, I possess a deep understanding of the Linux ecosystem crucial to efficiently performing fuzzing. My powerful toolset also includes ReactJS and NodeJS, enabling me to thoroughly investigate and analyze each discovered crash. In terms of fuzzing expertise, I have successfully implemented both Syzkaller and AFL++ in previous projects. These experiences helped me develop an eye for identifying bugs, crashes, and vulnerabilities in complex systems like Kernel Drivers and various NVMe applications. I believe this experience will prove invaluable in producing a comprehensive report that not only highlights the issues encountered but also provides insightful solutions. Last but not least, I am committed to providing you with detailed documentation not just on the task itself but on each step executed throughout the process. A transparent approach ensures that you're well-informed about my strategies as we progress through the project. Given my extensive background in Linux coupled with proven success in fuzzing assignments as required by your project, I'm confident I can drive impactful results for you. Together, we can build a rigorously stable infrastructure safeguarded against potential threats.
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I have 18+ years of experience Linux Kernel Development and currently working with the Storage Gaint project, which involves adapt Nvme driver as per their test reqirement, Identify bugs and fix them. I have experience with Fuzzing also. I would be eager to work in your project.
₹7 000 INR 7 päivässä
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As a seasoned Linux expert with a solid background in Kernel driver and NVMe fuzzing, I believe I have the proficiency necessary to not only identify crashes but also produce comprehensive bug reports. Throughout my career, I've consistently displayed a strong aptitude for solving complex problems, making me particularly adept at fuzzing. I've worked extensively with tools such as Syzkaller, Difuze and AFL++ - all of which should be familiar to you. This means I can get started immediately and execute the required tasks efficiently. My attention to detail and meticulousness align perfectly with the need for detailed step-by-step documentation you've outlined for this project. Moreover, despite my impressive technical skills, I take pride in my clear communication abilities and ability to deliver results in a timely manner. If hired, you can expect consistent updates on progress, promising an overall smooth coordination with your team. Let’s partner in identifying all those vulnerabilities!
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Hello, I'm extremely excited because I recently had a very similar experience. I'm confident that I can complete your task perfectly as soon as possible in a short amount of time, and I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. Let me quickly introduce myself.
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