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Hiring: Corporate Trainer for Online Serverless Architecture Threat Modeling (40-hour Program)

₹2500-5000 INR / hour

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₹2500-5000 INR / hour

Hello Freelancers, We are on the hunt for an adept Corporate Trainer to conduct a 40-hour online training program on Threat Modeling for Serverless Architectures. Our goal is to enhance our cybersecurity team's expertise in securing our serverless applications against emerging threats. **Responsibilities:** - Design and deliver an engaging 40-hour online training course on Serverless Architecture. - Explain the necessity for serverless architecture and its distinct advantages. - Illustrate the concepts with real-world use cases and examples. - Provide in-depth training on Security Threat Modeling within Serverless frameworks. - Identify and elaborate on Key Threat Areas, focusing on both the application setup and deployment phases. - Advise on security design controls and best practices to mitigate risks. **Requirements:** - Demonstrable experience in cybersecurity, specializing in serverless architectures. - Previous track record of conducting effective corporate training, preferably online. - Deep understanding of threat modeling practices for serverless environments. - Ability to present complex information clearly and engagingly. - Excellent verbal communication skills and a strong presence in a virtual training environment. Interested candidates, please submit your resume, a brief summary of your experience with serverless architectures and threat modeling, and samples of previous training outlines or materials you have developed. Awaiting your professional proposals. Additionally as a screening round , provide answer to below questions while applying for this project: 1. **Which of the following best describes a serverless architecture?** A. Architecture where the server is hidden from developers B. Architecture where the server management is outsourced C. Architecture where the management of servers is on-demand and scalable D. Architecture without the use of servers for any computation 2. **What is a primary benefit of serverless computing?** A. Fixed computational resources B. Increased maintenance of physical servers C. Automatic scaling D. Higher upfront costs 3. **In threat modeling for serverless applications, which of these is not typically considered a threat agent?** A. Cloud storage services B. External attackers C. Internal staff D. Third-party services 4. **Which phase in the development lifecycle is threat modeling most effective?** A. Requirement gathering B. Design C. Implementation D. Deployment 5. **What does the ‘STRIDE’ methodology stand for in threat modeling?** A. Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information Disclosure, Elevation of Privilege B. Security, Tracing, Reliability, Isolation, Debugging, Encoding C. Scalability, Transferability, Reliability, Integration, Development, Efficiency D. Spoofing, Tracing, Refactoring, Information Disclosure, Denial of Service, Encryption 6. **Which of the following is not a characteristic of serverless computing?** A. Stateful applications B. Event-driven execution C. Auto-provisioning of resources D. Pay-per-use billing model 7. **As a corporate trainer, which of the following methods would you employ to assess trainee’s understanding post-session?** A. Multiple-choice quizzes B. Verbal Q&A only C. Group discussions D. All of the above 8. **What is the primary concern when dealing with serverless security?** A. Physical server security B. Network security C. Application dependency security D. User authentication 9. **Which AWS service is serverless?** A. Amazon EC2 B. Amazon S3 C. Amazon RDS D. All of the above 10. **How would you handle a situation where the trainees have varying levels of understanding about serverless technologies?** A. Proceed with the training at the same pace for everyone B. Divide the group based on their knowledge levels C. Tailor the training to those with the least understanding D. Provide additional resources for self-study outside of training hours
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Hhi I am experienced in this and I can start right now but i have few doubts and questions lets have a quick chat and get it started waiting for your replyyy ! r!
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Note: We are a top-rated and one of the leading IT companies and are ready to assist you in your project. Hi Rahul K.,
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