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Do not contact us if you cannot provide links based on ALL the requirements below. We do not want to buy links on networks, we do not want to buy directory submission packages, we do not want to buy article submission packages.

We are looking for a company or individual that can get us an initial 20 inbound one-way high quality long lasting hand picked links to start with, and if that works out well we are looking for hundreds more similar links in the future.

If you have done this type of work in the past please provide some information on your past work:

- Show us a couple of examples of related handpicked links from reliable authoritative sites that you have acquired.

- Explain your approach to this type of link building and the techniques you use to build quality links.

- Provide any further examples of your link building work.

The main objectives of our link campaigns are as follows.

A) To build one-way, long-term quality links that will stay in place and untouched for a minimum time period of 12 months each.

B) We want quality links only. We would much rather have 10 top-quality links than 500 “middle of the road quality” links, and we will pay much more for those 10 top-quality links than for the 500 “middle of the road” links.

C) We are only interested in working with White Hat SEO’s/link builders. No black hat, no gray hats, and no spammers.

17 Basic requirements for all links pointing to our websites:

1. All links must be from websites on the same theme.

2. No directory links. There are no exceptions to this rule.

3. All links must be located on English language websites.

4. All links must be located inside the main body text of the website. No left hand or right hand menu-links, and NO FOOTER-LINKS.

5. All links must be located inside a “text block” consisting of a minimum of 50 words in the block, and there must be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 outgoing links from that 50-word text block.

6. There must be a maximum of 10 outgoing links from each page where our links are posted to external pages. This limit does not apply to internal links linking to other pages of the same website.

7. Each text block with our links must be unique. We can supply unique text for each site

8. From each text block containing a link to our website you must also be able to place a link pointing to a relevant AUTHORITY website that is not owned by us, such as the relevant Wikipedia page or a government site or similar.

9. All links must be located on a website that has been indexed by [url removed, login to view] for a minimum of 1 year. This means that if you search for the sites main URL in [url removed, login to view] you must be able to find an entry with that site at least 12 months old. The actual page where our link is placed does not have to be listed in

10. All links must be located on a webpage that has been cached by Google in the last 90 days. This means that if you do a search in Google for “cache: The URL” you will find the page and the cache is no older than 90 days.

11. All links must be located on a website with a minimum Google Page Rank 2. This means that the index page of the website where our link is located must be a minimum of Page Rank 2, the page where our link is located does not have to have page rank.

12. The page where our link is located must be reachable by no more than 2 clicks from the index page of the website.

13. We want no more than two links from each website and all websites must be hosted on different Class C IPs. There may be exceptions to this rule where we have more than one website in the same category/theme

14. All links must be located on pages that pass Page Rank and that allow our links to count. We know how to tell the difference and how to recognise websites that don’t pass Page Rank. All pages containing our links must be search engine friendly, i.e. no redirects, no cloaking, no framed pages, etc. Page must not be excluded by [url removed, login to view] and the anchor text must not contain the rel=nofollow tag.

15. The link must link to the webpage we ask you to link to, and must use the exact linking text, (anchor text) given to you by us. Many links will be pointing to the internal pages of our website and not the index page (deep linking).

16. A link is only accepted if it is a clean href= text link pointing to our site, not a redirect, not javascript, no nofollow tags, no hidden links (no underscore), and no other unethical or black-hat link tactic must be used. A link should look like the following example: (a href="">Wikipedia</a>)

17. All links must be permanent one way/non-reciprocal, (unless otherwise agreed) and static (no dynamic links). All links need to be in place for 1 year. Links will be tested on a weekly basis during this 1 year period and any links removed must be replaced free of charge with an equal quality link.

To clarify further what we mean with “Quality” – All the points below are strict No-No’s

-No links from webpages excluded from [url removed, login to view]

-No links from webpages that have the rel=nofollow tag

-No links from Free-for-all webpages/sites (FFA)

-No links from websites with a Google penalty

-No links from PR0 websites

-No links from guest books

-No links from within forums

-No links from within newsgroups

-No links from link farms

-No links from link-exchange programs

-No use of automated software for link submission

-No links from web rings

-No links from “bad neighborhoods”

-No links from porn sites

-No links from pharmacy sites

-No links from illegal websites

-No links from hate-based websites

-No links from violent websites

-No links from cracking or hacking websites

-No links from other offensive websites

-No Javascript links

-No redirects

-No cloaking

-No dynamic links

-No Flash embedded links

-No links from “Classified” sites

-No links from blog comments

-No links from framed pages

-No hidden links

-No links from the footer

-No [url removed, login to view]

-No [url removed, login to view]

-No [url removed, login to view]

-No [url removed, login to view]

-No links from any websites/webpages using any other unethical or black-hat tactics

-No techniques that could be considered spam to be used to acquire the links

-No links secured on a time-bound basis unless longer than 12 months.

Once or twice a week you would have to send a report in Excel format, containing all of the following details for each link:

1. The URL of the exact webpage linking to our website

2. The title of the webpage linking to us

3. The anchor text used on the webpage linking to our website

4. The Page Rank of the index page of the site linking to our website

5. The IP address of the site linking to our website

6. The age of the site linking to our website according to [url removed, login to view]

If you have read the above carefully you will understand that we are only looking for a particular type of very high-quality link. If you can deliver these types of links at reasonable cost in different categories/themes, then we are interested to hear from you.

Please quote a price for the initial 20 links as per the description above, and then we can re-evaluate after these and come up with a long-term pricing structure for future links if we want to continue working together.

If you have read this far you are obviously serious about link-building and we look forward to hearing from you. :)

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