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"Europe Tax and inmigration Consulting Needed"

$250-750 USD

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$250-750 USD

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I need an Crypto tax advice for European countries I am Mexican, with dual nationality (Spanish). My tax residency is currently in Mexico. My 2 children live in the Netherland. I registered with the Eindhoven municipality 4 years ago and pay Dutch insurance but steel leave mostly in Mexico. I am not yet a Duch tax resident. I want to move to Europe to be close to my sons. Y require an expert to help me calculate how much I would pay in taxes per year if I change my tax residency to the Netherlands, given that I only live off my savings and capital gains (I do not require an exact figure). I would also need to know the process for registering for tax in the Netherlands. I would like to know if there is a better option in Europe. Germany, Belgium, Italy Additional information: I have no income from a business in the Europe I have no assets in the Netherlands. I am not planning to work in Europe Need an estimate of the cost of services. Any other information that you think would be relevant to my situation Thank you for your time and assistance.
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With a dual nationality background, I understand the complex interplay between tax regimes and residency requirements intimately enough to guide you successfully through your potential transition to Netherlands' tax residency. Having registered and paid Dutch insurance successfully for some years already, I am well-versed in processes that pertain to migration and tax registration. Additionally, I hold a strong command of English which merges efficiently with my native Spanish and Portuguese to ensure that language barriers do not impede your understanding of the process. Though you may live solely off your savings and capital gains, it's important to have an accurate estimate of your potential tax obligations in order to effectively plan out your financial future. This is what I can offer you: a calculated and well-reasoned breakdown to give you an approximate idea of what changes your residency may bring - sans, however, an exact figure since my focus is on legal advice. Finally, my skill set stretches far beyond those of a mere accountant. As a seasoned attorney with expertise in multiple legal landscapes, I offer you an opportunity to work with someone who can see beyond taxes; a professional who appreciates the broader implications of legal decisions and can provide counsel that takes these factors into account. My aim isn't just short-term savings but rather creating a long-term strategy that's legally sound and financially advantageous.
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Drawing on my multifaceted background in project management, strategic planning, and data analysis, I have the capability and breadth of knowledge to comprehensively address your tax consulting needs in the Netherlands. With my LLM degree specializing in international tax law, I have precise expertise in cross-border taxation issues - a feature particularly relevant to your situation as a Mexico-descendant resident considering becoming a tax payer in the Netherlands. My legal proficiency does not end with tax law; it extends into company law, commercial law, and all the intricacies involved in advising businesses with international expansion plans. It is this 360-degree appreciation of legal dynamics that allows me to strategize holistically for clients like yourself. On top of these specialist skills, I foster an analytical mindset that can be instrumental to your case. My knack for data processing and visualizations will empower us to effectively strategize around your savings and capital gains income so as to give you an accurate understanding of your financial obligations should your residency change. Be assured that anything we work on will be well explained and you can count on me for regular updates. I'm looking forward to assisting you make informed fiscal decisions!
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