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We need some Java implementations in a ASP/MS-SQL page.

The page is usuarios.asp. Use [url removed, login to view] to login

1) Description- The users can have many accounts in the main page of our site: [url removed, login to view] In this example, John has 2 accounts: Pan 1 and Pan 2. Each account has its name in a background gray. On the left of the account name there is a “PLUS BUTTON”.

COMMAND NEEDED – We need a command that open and close all information from the account, below the gray bar. If all accounts were closed, the page [url removed, login to view] would have only the name of the accounts in the gray background and the “PLUS BUTTON”. When the user clicks the “PLUS BUTTON”, it opens the information bellow and it becomes a “MINUS BUTTON” that close again the group when clicked. We do not have a limited number of accounts. Some users can have only 1 account and others can have more than 10 accounts.

2) Description- >>>> The page is divided in:

- 1 - Conta (Accounts) (can be more than one. In this example we have Pan 1 and Pan2)

- 2 - Conta: Abrir nova;

- 3 - Conta(s) de terceiros em que meu telefone aparece.

>>>> The Accounts (1), in your turn, are subdivided into:

- 1.1 - Quem envia;

- 1.2 - Quem recebe;

- 1.3 - Quem administra

COMMAND NEEDED – All these function groups have smaller “MINUS BUTTON”. We need the same command for them. When closed it appears a “PLUS BUTTON” that opens the rest of the function. When open, it appears a “MINUS BUTTON” that CLOSES the rest of the function.

3) Description- The account functions: - Quem envia (1.1); Quem recebe (1.2); Quem administra (1.3) have a link “INSERIR LINHA” that should open a window with fields to insert data in a table in our MS-SQL.

COMMAND NEEDED - We need the DHTML-based popup frame with the fields to:

-Insert new data data.

-To edit existente data when the user cliks on it (the existente data should be showed in the fields.

Check example: [url removed, login to view]

4) Description- In the function “Quem envia (1.1)” can appear a link on the right of the camera picture. This link goes to a page that update a table in the MS-SQL. It is the same problem that we have in the “INSERIR LINHA” link.

COMMAND NEEDED - We need the same command in the THIRD COMMAND NEEDED for these links.

5) Description- In the function “Quem envia (1.)” when you click in one of the input fields in the column “Alerta (mensagem)” (the biggest field in this function). The text “Caracteres disponíveis: 120”, in the bottom left goes to bellow the column “Alerta (mensagem)” and count down (120 – number of the characters in the input field). It works just in Google Chrome (there is an error in explorer). And it works only for the first input field that user clicks.

COMMAND NEEDED – This "available characters counter" needs to work for any field the user clicks.

6) Description- We have a lot of submit buttons named “CONFIRMAR”.

COMMAND NEEDED - When the user click the submit button “CONFIRMAR”, he must come back to the same function and not to the top of the page.

7) Description- We have pictures in the function “Quem envia (1.1)” on the right of input fields. When the user clicks in one picture or in the camera picture, it opens a new page to take a picture.

COMMAND NEEDED – We need to close this new window and refresh the page [url removed, login to view] to show the new picture after the user take and save the new picture. (The command to take and save the picture is already working. We just need to close the window and refresh [url removed, login to view]).

8) Description- In the function “Quem recebe (1.2)” the user chooses in a drop down list (“como recebe”) an option. The text and input field on the right of the drop down list is different for each option. One of these options "via acionamento eletronico" have a clock icon too. Now the proper text, field and icon only appears after user clicks the submit button.

COMMAND NEEDED – We need the proper text, input field and icon appear appear on the right side immediately after the user chooses his option.

9) Description- When the user clicks the clock icon that appears when "via acionamento eletronico" is chosen, it opens a new window with a lot of input fields with values from a table of MS-SQL.

COMMAND NEEDED – We want a JavaScript Popup Window for this.

10) Description- In the function “Abrir nova (2)” we have a drop down list and two input fields below it.

COMMAND NEEDED – We need just one input field and a text. They depend of the option chosen by the user. Each option has its special text and input field.

11) Description- There are Arrow icons over some fields

COMMAND NEEDED – We need them, when pressed, to organize the lines below in Alphabetical order.

12) Description- There are binocular icons after the functions "Quem recebe (1.1)", "Quem envia (1.2)" and "Quem administra (1.3)".

COMMAND NEEDED – We need a javaScript Popup Window with a search engine.

13) Description- In the function "Quem administra (1.3)" there is a checkbox with a text below it.

COMMAND NEEDED – The text below should appear just when the checkbox is selected.

If you have some comments or suggestions, please let me know.

Please consider it to work in all important browsers.



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