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$20-100 USD

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Project Description This program needs to work on both Mac and Windows. Preferably, it would be written in Java and put in an applet to run in a web browser. However, it can be written in any language so long as it works on both Windows and Mac (OS X). There needs to be a way for all players to connect to the same room. I have a server available. There has to be room for 1 to 10 players. Players can join the table with as much virtual money as they choose (it would be a free game). Most poker games on the internet only support the most basic games. This game would have standard Texas Hold ©em poker. The creator of the table would be able to set the limits (as well as there being ©no-limit© hold ©em). Standard Texas Hold ©em rules apply. On top of that, there would be three additional games available: The first game, called ©3*5*7© is described as such from [login to view URL]: 3*5*7 This is a longer guts game to play. To win the pot, a player must win the game five times (or five "tricks"), although you may wish to reduce this number. Everybody antes; an ante a little larger than normal is called for. All players are dealt three cards. Threes are wild. Starting to the left of the dealer, players declare in or out. The twist in this game works as follows: if any player declares in, but the others declared out, they are all given a chance to change their mind and ©challenge© him. However, a player that declares in must stay in. The players who called in exchange and look at each other's hands (players who are out do not see anybody's hand). The player with the losing hand pays the player with the winning hand an amount equal to what is in the pot. NOTE: this money does not go into the pot; it is paid directly from the loser to the winner. Everybody is dealt two more cards. Threes are no longer wild; fives are now wild. Another declare round, with the players who are in looking at each others' hands, and the loser paying the winner. Everybody is dealt two more cards. Fives are no longer wild; sevens are now wild. Another declare round, and this time, players who are in can expose their cards to the table, since everybody is about to be dealt new cards; the loser pays the winner. The cards are collected and the game is re-dealt, starting back at three cards. Players re-ante the same amount as before (without betting rounds, you can see now why the ante has to be a little larger). As noted, a player must win five tricks to collect the pot. The only way to win a trick is to be the only player who declares in on a declare round. That player does not win any money at that time (since there is no losing player), but wins one trick. The first player to five tricks wins the pot. The second game is a variation on a game called ©Black Mariah©. Here is how it is played: At the end of the game, two people win, or one: The player with the highest ©spade-card© in his face-down pile, and the player with the best hand. If these two happen to be the same player, then that player wins. Also, if all players but one fold, then that player wins. All players ante a certain amount. Four cards are dealt to each player face down. A round of betting ensues. Next, each player is dealt four cards face up. More betting ensues. Next, each remaining player is dealt one final face-down card, and more betting ensues. All players then declare what face-down card, if any, they choose to use as their ©spade© to win that part of the pot. Next, all players declare their best five-card hand using the nine total cards they possess, minus the spade they used in the previous phase. The player with the high spade wins half, and the player with the high 5-card hand wins the other half. If one player has both, he wins it all. It is important that the card used as the ©spade© cannot be used as part of that player©s hand. Also, there is one special twist to the game: During any betting round, if any player possesses the Queen of Spades (the Black Mariah), he is allowed to ©throw down the Mariah©. If he does, all players still in re-ante, and the cards are re-dealt. Also, if at any point, the Queen of Spades is dealt to anyone as a face-up card, all players still in re-ante and the cards are re-dealt. The final game (from [login to view URL], slightly modified (I changed the rules a bit): Jacks and Piss The dealer deals four cards to every player at the table, after which the top card on the deck is flipped over. That card, the "piss card" is not only wild, but it is also the fifth card in everyone's hand. For example, if a 3 is flipped, then it is wild, in everyone's hand, as well as all other 3's. Jacks are always wild. If a jack gets flipped up as the piss card, then another card is dealt as the piss card. If that happens to be a Jack, then another is dealt, until it is not a Jack. In the following hand for example, 2-Spades, 10-Diamonds, Jack-Spades, A-Clubs Piss=10-Hearts The Ten of Hearts was flipped over as the piss card. In my hand, I have been dealt the Ten of Diamonds and the Jack of Spades. With a Ten as the Piss Card, the Ten in my hand is wild, as well as the Jack, which is always wild. Considering that the Piss Card is to be considered the fifth card in my hand, I have a hand of three wild cards. Put them together with the Ace of Clubs, and I am holding four Aces. If this seems like a high hand, the amount of wild cards in this game (not to mention that the Piss Card guarantees you have a wild card in your hand right away) guarantees high hands at the table most of the time. After the deal, players decide if they want to stay in the game and risk matching the pot. Players "declare" in or out starting at the left of the dealer and going in clockwise order with the dealer calling last. Those players that call out are out until the next round of cards are dealt. Those players that stay in are allowed a draw of as many cards as they want. After the draw, there is a betting round with all players who stayed in the game. After the betting round, the player with the best hand collects the pot. All other players who stayed in throw into the new pot however much money was in the pot when they declared in. If there is any money in the pot (in other words, if at least two people went in on the previous round) then the player to the left of the dealer deals the next hand and the same sequence continues. The game is dealt round after round until only one player goes in. That player collects the pot and the game is over. Any amount of creativity can be used in designing this program. Only three things must remain constant: A max of 10 players must be allowed in the game (although only six are allowed for Black Mariah, and seven are allowed for 3*5*7.. Jacks and Piss and Hold ©em allow up to ten). The ©owner© of the table gets to pick who is allowed in if there are too many people for that game. Also, it must be able to work on both OS X and Windows. Preferably it would be written in Java to run on a website so as to keep it from being platform-specific. If for some reason, it would make things MUCH easier to have it done only for Windows as a stand-alone program, include that info in your bid. Other than this, the layout and design can be VERY simple. No flashy graphics or anything are necessary.
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Thank you for the invitation to bid on this project. Relevant experience includes the following: Installation of software, hardware and HTTP servers · Support for on-line documentation, software and code for US and International customers · Telephone, email and on-line reporting and documentation of problems · Technical writer for statistical books. Design, develop, and support both web sites and databases for internal and external usage · TCP/IP administrator and domain names server support for US, Canada as well as be responsible for subnets. Directed set-up of TCP/IP for International trade shows for IBM. Lab administrator of Unix, Windows and Linux platform. Able to do installs of this software. Quality Assurance testing of SAS Software and IBM Software on a variety of platforms, using different benchmark software tools · Programming in scribe, script, AWK, HTTP, Perl, CGI, JAVA, C++, Borne, Korne and C shell · Write cron jobs and other tools to run programs. Background in Unix, Windows, and Linux, networking, Ethernet, token ring, bay networking and a host of other platforms. I know that my comprehensive experience will provide you the solution to complete this project.
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Hello, I have wide area experience in open source technology like php/c++/linux/so files/fusebox AND WINDOW based ASP,COM,DCOM,MTS,VB,VC++,.NET,Flash Please forward me your mail ID so i can forward you project proposal according your current requirement.
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Please visit If your looking for a developer that can do what you ask we can. However projects like this are quite costly. Also review Our server engine runs this site.
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