Network Topology Discovery in Java

York University has a block of 64K IP addresses allocated to it, the range of–[url removed, login to view] (

In this assignment you need to do the following:

· Determine how many hosts/routers in the network are alive (print a number)

· Discover how the network is interconnected, i.e., which path the packets could

follow to reach a particular IP address on the network (store for the next part)

· Plot your findings visually as a graph in which the vertices are hosts and routers

and edges are connections between them. Highlight the originating computer with

green colour, and the outside gateway with blue. Assume the screen space of


You may assume that any subnet contains at least 256 addresses. From each of such

subnets you may randomly take only 4 random IP addresses. This way, you can have a

maximum of 1024 addresses. In order to fit the data in the graph, you may select a

random subset of the subnets of a preset size (e.g., you calculate the connectedness for

1024 nodes, and display it graphically for 128 nodes). Use a similar approach to limit the

runtime of your program to two minutes (i.e., analyse a smaller number of subnets).

During a 24 hour period of your choice, run you program at least four times, at least one

hour apart, and record the times and the number of live nodes [manually] into a file

“[url removed, login to view]” (e.g., one line from the file will contain “2009-05-28, 9:54, 111 nodes alive

out of 2222 tested, 5%”.

Submit before the deadline

· both source file(s) and compiled classes via the submit command. Submit any

additional files your program may use.

· file “[url removed, login to view]” with the info above.

Marks will be deducted for poor coding style, grossly inefficient implementations,

compilation errors, etc.

Taidot: Java

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