Java application to fetch all attached and non attached VMware instances

Your job is to implement a small tool in Java which collects all vmx files on all mounted Storages of a set of vCenters and ESXi nodes.

As soon as you have these set of all attached and not attached .vmx-files, you go again through all vCenters and ESXi nodes and collect all attached instances. These instances may be in any state (shutdown, started, suspended)

Create a class [url removed, login to view] with properties

- hostname (can be a DNS name or a IP)

- username

- password

Create a Class VmWareInstance which contains following fields:

- full path to the vmx file

- hostType (enum for types vCenter or ESXi)

- attachedStatus (enum status of the vmware instance if "notAttached" or "attached")

- hostName

- hostIp

- status (enum of status running, shutdown, suspended, ...)

- provisionedStorageSpace (in bytes)

- usedStorageSpace (in bytes, this value differs from provisioned space only if you create a thin storage/disk)

Create a class [url removed, login to view] which contains:

- public Set<VmWareInstance> getInstancesOnStorages(VmWareCredentials) { // fetches all instances on all datastores mounted on a vCenter or ESXi }

- public Set<VmWareInstance> getInstancesAttached(VmWareCredentials) { // fetches all instances attached to a vCenter or ESXi }

Use following lib for accessing vSphere and ESXi [url removed, login to view] Also we are fine if you provide us a different suggestion to access vmware, but must work for individual ESXi and also as with vCenter IDE requirements

Other requirements

- you work with JDK8

- your code uses maven or gradle for libs dependencies (compile&build can be done in IDE, by IDE)

- Eclipse Mars project and settings

- we share you a git repository for source exchange and our review

Formal quality requirements

- your code is clean from FindBug issues

- your code is cleaned from PMD issues

- your code is following checkstyle with sun/oracle rules

- your code is fully javadoc valid commented and with checkstyle approved

For your proposal:

We can share you the code of how to iterate over all active (started, suspended, shutdown) instances of a ESXi and vCenter host. So you have only to extract data via getters from the vijava objects the needed details for already active instances (in public Set<VmWareInstance> getInstancesAttached(VmWareCredentials) )

The milestones will be:
MS1: deliver a (one or a set of) eclipse projects into repository (quick win, but crucial for us regarding your development settings)
MS2: deliver a working solution to collect all instances on all mounted storages
MS3: deliver a working solution to collect all instances attached to the ESXi/vCenter
MS3: our time to review and file issues of your delivery until we have a fully working solution

Only bid, if you have the option to run or already running ESXi instances of at least two nodes! We cannot share you access to our datacenter!
Hint, you can install a ESXi and a vCenter Server easily in a vmware workstation or a existing ESXi environment for a test set. (but we do not pay for this effort if you need to setup such environment!)

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