J2ME GPS Application ($7.50-$15.00 per hour paid in advance)


To Apply


- Please state, "I require an hourly rate of $X per hour." X must be be a number between $7.50 and $15.00 per hour.

- Please attach a sample of your Java source code to a GetAFreelancer "Personal Message."




We need to you create a JavaME (formerly J2ME) GPS application that we estimate will take you approximately 100 hours (one hundred hours).


The Project


We need to you create a JavaME (formerly J2ME) GPS application that we estimate will take you approximately 100 hours. We have not created all of the specifications in advance. Instead, we plan to use Agile Development [url removed, login to view] Therefore, we do not plan to ask you to complete one 100 hour project. Instead we plan to ask you to complete, say, twenty projects that will take you from, say, 2 to 10 hours each.

All deliverables will be considered “work made for hire” under U.S. Copyright law. You will give us exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.


A software developer we have been working with recently did a good job for us working on this Java project


However, that software developer who we have been working with recently has not completed some of his projects on time even though we have paid him for in advance. In other words, he has received a complete payment from us but has submitted the deliverables later than he agreed. Therefore, we are looking for another Java developer to work with who will provide us with excellent results on time. We refuse to work with a Java developer who provides us with results late.

As you can see from our feedback we sometimes pay software developers in advance to work for us. In those cases, the software developer takes no risk whatsoever. If you work with us, we intend to pay you in advance.

This will be an excellent arrangement for you because you will not need to worry about us paying you. Therefore, you won't need to worry about bidding too low on a project (working at a lower rate that you had hoped).


FAQ about your sample of your Java source code


We get a lot of questions about the samples of Java source code we want submitted. Therefore, we have created this FAQ.

We want to view a sample of your Java source code to determine the quality of your code. Sure this seems obvious, but apparently not to everyone.

Please do not copy and paste your Java code into a GetAFreelancer "Personal Message." We'd like the indenting to be maintained so that we can read it easily. Again, this seems obvious. Right? Well, actually to many applicants this is not obvious at all.

We don't need to see all of the source code you created for a particular project. You may submit a large enough snippet (piece). How large? You must decide that yourself.

If you don't have any excellent source code you are willing to submit because it belongs to a client of yours, then please do not apply for this project. In other words, please do not patiently explain to us you have excellent source code you would love to share with us but unfortunately you are unwilling to show it to us because you are forbidden to do so by a non-disclosure agreement. Really. We get this pathetic excuse too. The only good Java code you've ever written in your entire life is 100% protected by NDAs? Really?

Please do not submit a code sample to us that you and other people created. We only want to see a code sample that you alone created. Yes, people have submitted code to us saying essentially, "I wrote some of this code but not all of it." Seriously. We've received that explanation too. How on earth would we even think to make up such a thing?

Look folks, we simply want to review some Java code you've written in the past. That's all. We are not asking for your first born child or a kilogram of gold. No. We just want a simple Java code sample in a format that we can quickly and easily review. Is that really such a big deal? We don't think it is.

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