Franchise project

hi, i have drafted full detail off this project in the PDF file so please view the PDF file before you bid for the project.

thank you


hi all, there is so many bids but most off you are just focusing on the one line store part. missing out on the franchise part. here this might help

Here is the overview of this franchise project.

This client (the franchisor ) want to offer 3 kind of franchise opportunity.

Kind of franchise is :

1. Stockiest
2. Shop
3. kiosk

per district there will be only 1 stockiest so the shop & kiosk will have to get their stock from this stockiest.

The franchisor want the system to be like this :

Each shop & kiosk will be able to check the stock status off their respective stockiest and based on this stock level , shop & kiosk can place order online. Franchisor wants This purchase orders to be sent to them and they will check the credit level of the shop/kiosk based on from who the order is from. So that means that the shop & kiosk will have to place some deposit with the franchisor and every time this shop / kiosk makes a order this PO will be sent to the franchisor and the franchisor will minus the PO amount from the deposit and if there is enough fund then this order will be forward to the Stockiest who is in charge of the district where the order came from.

2. the franchisor want to know all transactions that happen in this stockiest, shop& kiosk . so our system have to be hooked up with a point of sale system. Where by each sales will be recorded through this point of sale. And the franchisor wants to be able to get report of sales of a particular date. And also want the whole profit & lost report off each franchise on a monthly basis.

This franchise also will have a machine known as a embroidery machine. This machine is networkable and is have a log file in it. The franchisor want the system that we are proposing should be able to capture this log file and report back on the activities of the machines on a daily basis . there should also be a report that will be able to compare the sales registered in the Point of sale with the machine LOG file. This is to see if there is a miss trust activity’s

So from what I have said so far , the module that I think that this system should have is : account ,inventory , online ordering , token system, reports (should be able to print ) , online store.

This is what I can thing off but off cause you should be able to come up with better idea.

Now the trick part of this program is.

There also be a online store, so the franchise will visit this store and chose which item and color that they want and place the order thru this store.

The product the will be available in this store most off it will be t-shirts .

Now there can be 2 ways to build this store.

1. where by display the t-shirts and available color icon next to it.
2. display the t-shirts and available color icon next to it and when the user move the cursor to the color icon then the t-shirts color changes based on the selections.

The franchisor also have I more service that he offers that is mix and match items.

Meaning that the franchise can , customize the t-shirt the way they want it to be.


The franchise can chose , to have a collar from t-shirt (b) have the slaves to be like t-shirt (c) and have the body like t-shirt (d) etc.

Also they can changes the color combination to the t-shirts. Let say now t-shirt (a). have collar in white color, body blue & sleeve in red. But the franchise want to have a different color combination they should be able to do so.

hope this will help you guys to see the over all picture.

also this nature off biz where client will not pay full amount at once time. they will pay a deposit then when thier order is ready then they will pay the remainig amount. system should be account for that.

at shop/kiosk before any order is been taken they should create the client profile first before going ahead with the order.


I have made few mistake in my earlier PDF file and I guess that’s why most off you reply as it is only a ecommerce web site. So here I have upload a new PDF file ver 2.0 please have a look at it and you will have a better understanding off what I need.

Also please don’t just reply to me and say that you understand my requirement. Please daft me your version off understanding on this project to see if we are at the same page.

thank you

best regards

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