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Produce an object oriented solution to the problem described below, using the class, inheritance, hashable classes. I want it as simple as it could with no advanced java. There should be no need for you to use libraries and classes other than those I have talked about. I should include comments to ensure it is easy to understand. Part 1: Design (20%) Produce a Class-Relationship diagram to simulate a CD store. The classes must conform to the requirements stated below. You must create the diagram using UMLStudio. The file produced (.pro) must be submitted on the same disc as the JBuilder project. You may use the code automatically generated by UMLStudio as a starting point for your solution to the other parts of this assignment. Part 2 CLASS 1: CD (20%) Objects from this class will be used to represent a CD. The information to be held in the object is: * CD title * Artist. * Value of CD * List of tracks (an array of Strings). The class should have a constructor to enable the instance variables to be set. In addition, provide methods that: 1. return the cost of the CD. 2. return a list of the CD's tracks. 3. compare the equality of the CD with another and return true if equals otherwise false. Part 3 CLASS 2: Store (30%) A two-dimensional array is required to hold up to 5 CD objects and the number of each in-stock. In addition to the constructor, methods will be required to: 1. Add a CD This method will add a new CD. The details of the CDs and the amount of stock should be entered. If a CD with the same title and artist already exists it will increase the CD stock counter otherwise it will make a new entry. If the array is already full then the size of the array should be increased so that the new CD can be added. You should check to see if a CD is already in-stock before asking the user to enter the list of tracks. 2. Delete a CD Decrements the CD stock counter for a valid CD title and artist name. If the counter is reduced to zero it removes the CD entry completely. 3. Stock Value Calculates the total value of the Stock. Part 4 CLASS 3: A test program (30 %) As part of this code, develop a GUI to enable the classes to be used and to act as a test program. The test GUI can be in two sections. The first section can be used to add and delete a CD and show the value of the stock. The other section will enable searching for CD's details to take place and will output the result with a list of the tracks found. If the CD is not found a message should be output. PS.S I WANT IT TO BE BUILT IN SIMPLE JAVA, NO JSP NOTHING

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