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Ok if you send me a GENERIC reply then your bid will be deleted immediately. I need you to read this COMPLETELY before bidding..

Now understand this is no small project.. You need to read it fully AND I WANT TO SEE PREVIOUS WORK before you even consider bidding.. I want to see work on games, graphics, 3d work online games, facebook applications, etc..

** FIRST AND FOREMOST - Any work done is sole property of me, you cannot code them game for me and then use its code to make a different type of game to sell to other people ** We will have legal forms drawn up for this, not saying your company would do such a thing, but to protect me from having all the scripting I paid for duplicated over and over for resale making it useless ..

I am looking for a game that will work on the following platforms:

First development - Website.. Then Facebook - Myspace - [url removed, login to view] - Finally iphone <- If iphone is possible.

I want this game to have the SAME database for ALL platforms, therefor if you are playing on facebook you can interact with people from myspace, iphone, etc... And you can login to your game from any of these platforms..

Layout of the game:

For facebook and other socical network plateforms, I want the full publisher options. Refer friends for extra gold or skill, Buy gold or skill and weapons with the same way people do it on Mafia Wars.. All the bells and whistles.. When you defeat a monster you can publish on your profile, gain levels, etc.

I am looking for a Medival type MMORPG. I want it based on the concept of [url removed, login to view] .. Now I dont want a full working 2d client where you are seeing your character running and stuff. I want the game to be more of a click to move concept..

A little more on that.. Basically I am looking to start off with maybe a Grid time game.. 50x50 squares .. Each square is a location in the game, weither it be a town, path in the forest, mountains, water, etc. It will be on the concept of:

"You can go North south east west" .. When you goto a Square you will see a Image of what the area looks like..

Now I need this game to evolve with an economy.. Ideas for money:

In the forest.. you can chop trees.. Get random amount of wood and sell in town

Mountains you can mine ore, get random ore .. different types are deeper in the game and worth more monty to see in town

fight monsters and on their bodies random gold weapons armor etc. Harder the monster better rewards.

Fight other players for gold

In the water you can fish ----- Higher the ranking player you are, the better fish you get to sell.. Also you get a random modifier of finding trash, Special items, in the water..

Now this is a MMORPG but I dont need grapics where you see 100 people standing around.. Alot of the game will be text based.. you will see under the window a list of people on the same square as you..

People on the square with you:

interact - Chat


Fight <-- If the other person accepts

Trade with each other-- If you have inventory on you, you can swap it with another player..

As far as images for the squares, I want the main window with the scenerio picture.. On another smaller window I want if a monster or shopkeeper is in the area, I want that picture to display and below it details on what it is..

Walking through the forest dungeons or mountains - I want a random script setup that when you enter a square theres a small chance a monster will spawn.. The deeper you get into the game the random chance includes harder monsters..

You have choose to Run - Which sends you in a random direction .. or Fight the monster..

I want you to be able to setup Teams like mafia wars. The more people in your team, the more powerful you are fighting..

I want the teams to be able to communicate with each other

I want several classes --- Warrior Thief Mage to start off with...

Each class has its own specialties.. Example for a mage, as you get to a certain level you will be able to transport to other locations on the map with having to walk.. If you ever seen Ultima Online.. A mage can mark a certain area on the map, and recall to that area later with a spell..

Houses-- I want EACH AND EVERY PERSON to be able to have their own plot of land to do with as they please.. This has nothing to do with the 50x50 game world.. This will be a virtual home.. They will start with a camp fire and tent.. As they get gold they can buy houses, horsese, decorations, etc.. I want to try to make this something that they can see as they make it.. It will make the game alot more fun if they can decorate a home and land as they see fit.. So this will be the only thing in the game that the images must be able to be changed, moved around, etc..

Be able to make your own character.. After its made show off your work.. Lots of options to buy to outfit him..

TEAMS - I want the option for people to be able to do group attacks.. So if you wanna attack another group, add up each groups total attack/defense etc.. and attack..

Need to have a Ranking system for players, Groups, etc.. Warring system for top warring groups etc..

TOWNS - Fully built towns.. include stores, weapon shops, mage shop, house decor shops, and a bank.. In this bank I want the payer to be able to store a certain amount of items that he can access from any town.. Their will be multiple towns on the game.. the further you are in the game, the better items the shopkeepers will offer.. Also in town you are safe from attacks and thieves and monsters..

Have a map system so a player can see where he is in the world and see where all the locations, landmarks, towns, mountains, rivers, etc..

When the game starts off, I want their to be a random player maker that will fill the game with 100's of players.. So people can walk around and see that the game is established.. These fake players can be fought and stolen from.. If a player tries to chat with them, they will refuse to talk to them cause they are computer generated, but they dont need to know that..


I want there to be different skills a player can increase.. Example Taming you can tame pets and certain monsters as you get better.. Build weapons as a blacksmith.. Etc..

I need this game so it can evolve.. I can add monsters to the random generator.. I can add weapons armor and everything else to the shops.. I need to be able to allow the game to grow.. Like the first will be 50x50 .. About 2500 different locations... But later I want to make it so that when a player reaches XX LEvel, he can travel to the new land.. and need to be able to add that land monsters etc...

NOW TO CUT DOWN ON COST.. I dont need 2500 different images for the squares.. Mountains, caves, forests, streams, oceans, etc.. Can have a 20 or so of each and it does a random display of that sort of image as the player is moving around..

**** NOW ABOUT 80% of the images will be in 3D format.. Lots of detail and hard work! In my detailed work ups on this game, there are over 1000 images that need to be completed.. Many of them in 3D.. So be sure to read this entirely..


DONT SEND ME STUPID GENERIC REPLIES WITH YOUR PORTFOLIO!! I WANT TO KNOW YOU UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE PROJECT>> I WANT TO SEE WORKS IN MMORPG GAMES FACEBOOK etc.. I want to see works in 3d graphics. This is a very serious project and I will not except any work that is not perfect..

Also a side note! I want alot of this game done in Ajax and mockajax for facebook.


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