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I have qualifications in engineering and began seo work in 2006. In 2010 I left my office job and changed direction to running my own online businesses (selling dog treats online in Australia). I have several consultants working on my main site however one does basic offline seo, and while the other does advanced tech (pbns) he has poor communication skills and does not mentor at all.

I am ranked mid page 1 on [url removed, login to view] for many of the keywords we have selected, however they are struggling to get the required rank 1-3. I have boosted budget and will continue trialling them for the next two months most likely.

I may one day move on from my advanced seo guy but my interim project is a request for MENTORING in growth strategies SPECIFIC to my site and ranking on Google. You may have advice on social media or whatever it takes for me to get increased customer ACQUISTIONS.

As said, I currently use several different seo firms working on my keywords for organic results, and don't want to necessarily hire another one while they are being trialled. BUT this is my primary business and I would like to learn whatever skills I can to help increase my business.

That is, I need to do work myself (non seo) that contributes to increased rank or lead generation and higher NEW CUSTOMERS. I post to my own social media pages everyday and dabble in fb advertising but cant get traction with my own methods.

This project is primarily about MENTORING ME. It might be only 5- 10 hours per month however if I can see that you can help me get results via mentoring your company might take over the prime adv technique seo role (if that is what you can do).

So I see that your job if you took this project on would be analyzing what it would take to get new Australian Dog treat customers, and training me in those skills. You can also pitch for seo, but if you cant mentor me in these other areas, it would be hard to assume the level of seo your company has.

Let me know if you want to discuss.


HI - My current organic website acquisition costs are only about $15 - $20 usd per customer. That gives us on average almost break even (on net profit of sales). I am looking for someone to mentor and initially provide the sem (ad creation and targeting etc) for my social media accounts (or whatever non seo methods are recommended) but: YOUR FEE per Month + advertising costs (per month) should be around a similar acquisition cost per customer for it to be sustainable. As a trial we might only be looking at 10 -20 hrs per month in your fees, because I can do triple that in hours of assistance. And its only a trial until it is proven to work. This project could go on indefinitely, when it works. This is not about getting fb likes or brand awareness. We are after direct customer acquisition strategy that works in the real world.

Here is some more info for your PROPOSAL - For instance you might say that you want to work 40 hours per month at $9 aud / hr (or 7 usd/ hr) , and you will post 20 image posts, and each post will be targeted at different demographics. Related to women and some kind of dog interest. There are many so that should be your skill in selecting exact targeting.

Out of your 40 hours per Month I imagine that you will be providing a lot of mentoring. What mentoring will that be? Will you place the ads in my account??? are you just using fb or instagram or twitter. Will you do the fb free postings as well ???

For example on costs that I need you to give me, you might say that the cost of each fb post advertising will be $10 usd per post so total advertising costs will be $200 usd (20 x $10).
So the total cost will be 40 x 7 (your fee) + 200 adv costs = 500 usd. approx

if YOU say this will get 30 NEW CUSTOMERS THEN the cost per customer will be 500 / 30 = $16 usd. This is similar to my current seo costs and what I need as break even based on the net profit of an average sale.

NOTE if we do only 20 fb ads, each advert would have to get 1 and a half customers for $10 usd spent. And the reach for $10 usd might only be 800 people - so that is why I am saying I want YOUR FULL COSTINGS. To get 1.5 customers from only 800 views I think is extremely good. But I am not an expert, you are. I am just throwing numbers in here to give you an idea of what your thinking and working in the proposal needs to be like.

We can create the images (we have many good hi res dog images and photosphop) , but you are the expert on what images will cause buying - do we need an offer what is the image including and the text on it. what is the text accompanying the ad above the image? You will have to give the exact spec as to what is included in the image, and the accompanying text that will cause someone to buy, directly from the ad, and recorded as a fb purchase via the new fb pixel we will have to install on the confirmed purchase page.

That is the minimum level of info I need. Is getting direct customers using fb or other social media your main skill? Can you give me a proposal like the above??? If you do, that is what the success of the project will be judged by.

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