Improvements changes to Invoicing database, access 07/vba - #2

This is a repost of this project with revisions. If you bid on my earlier project your welcome to post on this one as well.

A company is converting to a new web based timesheet program. I use ODBC to grab the data from the web and bring it into an access database.

The database [url removed, login to view] is the old database that is what I used to use, and works.

[url removed, login to view] is the new database that I have started some work on. The new timesheet program has a different data/table structure then the old web based system, so I need your help to get the [url removed, login to view] working. You should use [url removed, login to view] as a reference.


Things that need to be updated:

on frmMain

period subform: when the frmMain opens, the subform should be adjusted so the current period is selected (the period the current day falls between)

period subform: when a record is selected in the period subform, the begin and end dates should automatically populate the Fromdate and ToDate on frmMain

the fromdate and todate should also be manually editable, meaning that the dates can be changed without using the subform

the dontdelete subform needs to be sorted by datrec, most recent date first


the reports need to be fixed to work with the new data format. The data used to be stored in the old system ([url removed, login to view]) by using the event, expen tables. The new system uses the ts_timesheet table.

"labor" has something in the hours table and has a flag of 1 in the flag field. labor is always billable

"expenses" that are billable have a status of 0 in the [url removed, login to view] field, have a flag of 2 in the flag field, and also have a number in the amount field.

"expenses" that are non billable have a status of 1 in their [url removed, login to view] field, have a flag of 2 in the flag field, and have a number in the amount field.

when Preview Report is pressed on frmMain, the system should show the corresponding report, filtered by client name, and by report type.

Labor - report on only the labor using a layout like RptInvoice

Materials - report on only the billable materials using a layout like RptExpense

Non-billable - report on only the nonbillable materials using a layout like RptExpense

Account Codes - reporrt on only the labor, using a layout like RptAccountCodes - I need RptAccountCoes report fixed a bit, the way it works in the invoice database has it putting large spaces in between account codes

travel - this is a new report, the system records travel with a flag of "3" in the flag field, you should design a report, similar to the others that reports on travel

on frmmanual, there is a subform that shows account codes. The subform is based on the ts_account table.. the ts_account table has a field id_client, which refers to the client id in ts_client. I need this subform to show the relevant name of the ts_client in the subform.

Other notes:

validate the DateFrom and Dateto fields to ensure they are valid (datefrom earlier then dateto), and that the company and type of report have to be selected before pressing preview.

the reports shoudl show the work done INCLUDING the dates in the datefrom dateto fields. so if the datefrom is 1/2/03 the report shoudl include any work done on 1/2/03

ttime is not used - times are irrelevant, only date matters.

flag = 3 travel

flag = 2 expense

flag = 1 labor


Other info:

program in access 07

**I am very busy, I travel a lot and do not have access to GAF some times, expect delays getting back to you for feedback/reviews

Budget for the project is 90$

This is a fixed fee project - there might be some other additional changes needed, any additional changes would be included in this project.

I would like to have the primary changes done and testing this 2 weeks after your project acceptance/start of work


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