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I n t e r n a t i o n a l M e t h a n o l C o m p a n y

B a c k g r o u n d :

IMC is a small size company which owns and operates a Methanol plant. IMC exports its production of Methanol to the whole world. Methanol is the most basic member of the alcohol family; its chemical structure is CH3OH or CH4O. Methanol is mainly used as a solvent and is used also in manufacturing a wide variety of chemical products, such as formaldehydes, Acetic Acid etc. Methanol as a hydrogen carrier is being considered for fuel cell application, and as an alternate fuel. Methanol was known as wood alcohol, because it was originally produced as a byproduct of the distillation of wood.

IMC want to design a logo that reflects the nature of its business.

B r a n d V a l u e s a n d D e s i g n E l e m e n t s :

All logo and identity designs should reflect the following brand values:

P u r e :

Purity of the mater (Methanol) is the main selling point for IMC. This should bring our thinking to look into the purest form of Methanol which is its molecular formula, CH3OH or CH4O.

Also conceder the molecular model of Methanol, (please search the internet for methanol molecular model). Although the model doses not look nor interesting or inspiring, changing the perspective or the angle from where we look at it, it might give us a stimulating three dimensional design item that will really make us look unique. At least one of your design concepts must use the molecular model.

S c i e n t i f i c :

Most of the workers of this field are scientists, scientific technicians or at the least people with scientific background. It is a prerequisite of achieving the purity of the mater through a complicated scientific process. In the other hand, the users of this product are scientists their selves. IMC belongs to this group of people… IMC therefore is objective and believes in lows and facts not hypothesis. If IMC dose not a clear picture of a certain subject, it will experiment it, try it and make a scientific observation out of its experiment.

T r u s t a b l e a n d r e l i a b l e :

IMC has to look very trustworthy before its current and future clients, because what it sells to them is in some cases a major component of what they produce. They will buy such a product from people whom they trust the most, and can rely on always.

S i m p l e & h o n e s t :

Pure scientific, trustworthy and reliable people are simple and honest people. They are certainly not the kind of people who run behind falls appearances. They talk and walk like what they really are from inside. This makes making business with them a straight forward and clear of complications experience.

S h a r p / P r e c i s e :

When you deal all the time with a matter on its molecular level, you can not afforded being any thing other than precise and meticulous. 1 + 1 to you is not equal to 2, it is equal to (02.000000)

When IMC promises to deliver a certain quantity at a certain time in a certain place with a certain price, under certain conditions, it dose all what it promised exactly as promised.

F u t u r i s t i c :

Any one with the above qualities should be futuristic. His eyes are on the time where things will be purer, simpler, sharper, more honest and defiantly based on scientific and analytical thinking. His best times are yet to come.

W h a t c o l o r s t o u s e ?

As a skillful graphic designer, going through the above brand values gave you a clue about what colors to use. You are limited to 2 colors; you are allowed to use all the shades and degrees of the 2 colors of your choice to make the design looks richer.

H o w t h e c o m p a n y n a m e w i l l a p p e a r ?

IMC is an Acronym brand name type. For clarity we will also have to use the full name (international Methanol Company), but most of the logo weight will be for IMC Acronym along with the symbol; shall the design contain one.

Logo type has to reflect all of the above Brand Values.

H o w m a n y l o g o s y o u h a v e t o c r e a t e ?

You are free to deliver as many logos as you want as long as you make one for each one of following types of logos (this means three at least):

1. Ward Symbol… like KFC, BRAUN, IKEA, SONY, so here we are concentrating mainly on IMC and its descriptive (International Methanol Company).

2. Pictorial Symbol… like the Ferrari stallion, Michelin Man, CNBC bird and the jaguar in the Jaguar brand. The symbol in our case must be the Methanol molecular model.

3. Abstract Symbol… like Sony Ericsson, and HSBC bank logos.

NOTE, All Designs should incorporate the following Slogan:

M a t t e r ' s P u r i t y , M a t e r s .

D e l i v e r a b l e s :

Concepts for each of the following items will need to be delivered in an Illustrator file format along with a JPEG that fit to A4 size.

1. Logo

2. A4 Letterhead

3. Envelope

4. Business Card

5. Complimentary Card.

This project is a pitch for my agency but it is a fully paid assignment for you. What we need from your side are high quality sharp concepts ready to present for client. We will take care of finalizing the layouts, may the client appoint us to handle his identity design project. You will be paid upon delivering the above requested material in the understated deadline.

D e a d l i n e :

© Initial Concepts must be delivered on July 21 before 11:45 PM GMT

© Finalized Concepts must be delivered on July 23 before 11:45 PM GMT

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