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We are hiring a developer to create only the beginning of an ios iphone/ipad app. If this milestone is completed well, there will be more work immediately. The requirements are as follows....

SetList/Sequencing Tool Lite 1.0 and Full Version 1.0

Milestone ONE

View the videos here:

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This app will allow a musical artist to enter musical Titles into a Catalog and then organize the titles into lists on a touch activated area called the SongBoard.

SongBoard Organization Area

The primary feature will be the "songboard” organizational area/screen.

It will mimic how one would move magnetic puzzle pieces on a flat metallic board.

Each puzzle piece or title square will be filled inside with the name of a Title, allowing the artist to touch the box and move the titles around to try different orders of songs or "sets". When they have a set they like, they can save it as a Setlist for use on the stage, recall and edit later, or printout.

Parts of the App

1. Songboard Area - A full screen showing titles that have been choosen to be temporarily displayed so they can be moved, dragged, into different positions.

Each title will be in a touch activated moveable box. (see video)

It is this area where the artist will experiment with different orders of the titles in order to create a final setlist they can save, recall to use at a performance, or print.

When entering the Songboard area the musician will be promted to create a new setlist or choose an existing one like this:

Songboard Starting Screen / Step One

1.2 Creating a New Setlist

Clicking on "Create a new setlist" will take user to an alphabetical list of titles (generated from the Title Catalog Database) to choose from the titles they want to add to the songboard area

User will click on a one or more titles, and they will be highlighted as he does this.

After artist is done choosing titles, he'll click a "Done" button at the bottom right, and the Songboard screen with the titles he picked will be displayed, ready to be moved around by touch. (See Video)

The titles will be displayed in a grid of title boxes like this:

Songboard Screen for testing out different combinations to create a setlist.(Step 3)

The more titles that have be choosen to be placed in the Songboard Area, the smaller the boxes will be in order to fit the entire temporary collection on the screen. At a certain threshold, the screen will need to be split in half to make two columns of title boxes.

Its important that all the titles fit on only one screen. Don't use scrolling.

Each Title Box can be moved by touching, dragging, and releasing to the desired spot. Please see video on how the title boxes should move in response to the repositioning.

When artist is ready to finalize a section of the songs as a setlist, they will double click each song and hold down the last song in the sequence.

A window will popup asking them to name and save the setlist.

The first group that is picked will be highlighted light red. The second group yellow and third light green.

See videos for more clarification on this section.

All saved setlists can be recalled in the Setlist Section.

If they want to remove a song from the songboard, they'll double click it and click a small trash icon at the bottom of the screen. IF they want to add another title, the artist will click a small plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

1.3 Choosing an existing setlist will take user to an alphabetical list of songlists already created which he can choose to open in the soundboard for editing.


2. Title Catalog

2.1 Rolodex style view of all titles - A database of user entered music Titles...Laid out like Contacts in the Iphone IOS with thealphabet running down the right side and a plus button in the upper right. See video for more detail.

Title Catalog View (design like the contacts section in the iphone ios)

When clicking the plus sign, user can input a new title with required fields.

Each musical piece will have the following fields: Title (required), Artist, Composer, Key, Tempo (BPM), audio file upload (from music app on iphone/ipad)

2.2 Title detail view - (like iphone contact details view). Shows all the details for one Title with the option to edit in upper right and a back button in the upper left

Title Details View - also use for Editing, creating and adding of details to a Title

3. Setlists Section

A simple list view of all the saved set lists in alphabetical order.

Setlist Section view

When a list is selected, it opens into a large setlist viewer window that can be easily read on stage with options for showing key and tempo in a table style.

The default view in the setlist viewer shows a list of titles in all Caps in black lettering on white background.

IF the artist chooses to add a column(s) that shows key and tempo, the font size of the titles will be downsized to accomodate everything on one row.

Songlist Viewer (for use on stage during performance)

4. Options

Setlist viewer options:

[url removed, login to view] keys 2. Display Tempo

The lite version of this app lets you add up to 10 titles only.

When the artist tries to add an 11th song, they are prompted to upgrade to the full version which will be the same as this one but will allow the creation of unlimited titles.

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