revised project cartoons needed - added work and details

Overview of story lines ---

I am working to create a martialarm cartoon story board series based on a innovative new product and the theme surrounds this product. The product effects the lives of these fictional characters who are designed to be personable modest underdogs who learn of a martial secret with intrigue pulling the reader through the stories.

I will be getting them syndicated throughout all the martial arts site on the Internet and will also present them to news, sports and online magazine channels for syndication.

These story-boards will be also used for all magazine advertising for the martial arts product and so broadly seen through out USA, UK, Australia and the rest of Europe. "The insult that made a man out of mac" is the basic theme but I need a better slogan for each of these cartoon concepts and the scripts will have to be developed as I proceed.

These cartoons are one page cartoon story-board pictures.

Well its all fun and games but I got to be honest I have a shit budget with this but hope to find someone who sees in it an arrangement even perhaps out of the box payment ideas, mutual copywrite and syndication throughout certain channels for promotion of the art illustrations and the martialarm product, thank you for your consideration.


The Machine That Made A Man Out Of Mike

Mike a strong looking teenager goes to martial arts school because he is bullied by street thug and disrespected by the street thugs two bad girls. He learns a technique but due to minimal practice he is disappointed that he hasn't perfected the new [url removed, login to view] trys it out with his little brother but no gain. He is sad and turns to the Internet for a solution and he finds my site. He buys the martialarm martial arts machine and it arrives at his home, he puts it on his wall and fully practices the martial arts technique. He goes back to the martial arts school and all are amazed at how well he performs. On his way out he is swung at by thug and he drops him to everyone amazement (study martialarm video to choose a technique) even the bad girls who also get bullied by the thug (pimp) are impressed by the hero "what a real man' and our hero gets the clean cut martial arts girl he always wanted. He tells the secret of his fast progress in martial arts to the others and the dojo sets up 5-6 martialarms on their walls for the students to practice on. All happy good ending and colors develop as the story progresses and he gets confidence and the girl. Not a 'soft good feelings' story but a frustrated martial student turns into a 'lethal weapon' type thing.

Basically running with these themes but visually with an edge of modern comic appeal.

1. Eases the frustration of martial arts training and not learning quick enough.

2. In the end he gets the girl and so some sex appeal.

3. He cleans up any fears he has by defeating the bully and cleans up the neighborhood.

4. He gets respect from his friends and admiration from his school and a sense of giving as he informed his school of this training tool.

5. Somehow he learned a secret art or magic technique that is elusive but legendary in the martial arts - he became ninja like.

6. He gets toned up and a better body and so more sex appeal ( clients being young men this may be a good button )

7. He no longer hurts his little brother but uses the martial arts for training or even stress management.

Its really a take on the 'old sand gets kicked in his face' comic strip as you know but hey, if it works!

The skinny guy drinks 'grow muscles protein powder" and becomes a real man and knocks out the ruffian.

If this could then ALSO be restructured into a banner so the story can be shown on my friends sites too I don't know whether the story has to go left to right over and over to create these 660 x 60 gifs or just all the pieces could be collected and have this as a result. The actual format of the originals is full page comic.

more examples-


Looking Good While You Beat Up The Boss

Jill is overweight and gets fired from her job, the boss is a sexual sleaze and only wants good lookers around the office. She is depressed and finds my site and chooses to send in a photo of the boss to individualize her martialarm with our optional extra feature of adding a sticker on the face of the martialarm with her most hated person. In this case her boss! The martialarm arrives at her house and she watches the fitness martialarm video, so she gets to work hitting away at her bosses face on the martialarm.

Few months later she is looking good physically and also with that secret martial arts confidence that she can handle anything. She looks so good she is walking down the street and her boss makes a pass at her and when he realizes its her he thinks its a sure thing and gets physical. Well you know the rest she knocks him on his ass and other people ask her the secret and she fills them in and they are all sent martialarms.


My Dad Won My Fight For Me

Billy is new to kick boxing and has an up-coming tournament but his Dad thinks he'll never win. The larger arrogant kid in his school teases him and pushes him down, says he'll never win...embarrassing stuff in front of his friends and potential sweet heart. He his bruised with his ego and is deciding to quit the coming competition. HIS father gets online and orders the martialarm with the bullies face on it. Billy is amazed when his father gives it to him and there is a family bonding moment. Dad and Billy get to work training with Dad the new coach and of course the big fight comes and he is victorious and the secret of the martialarm is out and he gets the girl and all past tension he had with his dad is gone. All DADS decide to quickly get online and get their kids martialarms.


Save My Martial Arts School - SOS

Martial arts school is struggling to stay alive with students who come and go and not stick around. Financial hardship on the instructor and his wife and difficulty paying the junior instructor. Martial Arts teacher tries to extend the loan from the bank but cannot. But Bank manager is a really good guy and is also a secret practitioner in martial arts but he trains secretly at home on a martialarm. He takes one martialarm into the school one night as a surprise and with a sales brochure of the Internet site. All the students are amazed and want to see, some first time students there say "this is the school for me" and he gets more money and puts up 6 martialarms and all students use them because he designs his classes around martialarm technique demonstrations. His place booms and is full of students and new instructors and a proud moment when he pays off his full loan with a very happy bank manager.


You Cant Beat Multiple Opponents, Can You?

Young 10 year old Jake in a plane is shot down with his parents over Borneo during the Vietnam War and both his parents die. He is found and taken is by an Asian teacher in the deep jungle, the man has a kid 2 years older than Jake and they grow together learning martial arts from the Asian man. But Jake is always beaten by the son, but then one night the Asian mans Very Old Teacher sees Jake when he is upset and tells him 'the secret to beating one man is to be able to beat many: the way to beat many is the martialarm'. And he leads Jake to a secret training room where is it a large space with eight small walls protruding from the floor in an octagon shape and he is in the center surrounded with eight martialarms. All the walls have a martialarm on it with a number on the body and he is taught by the grandmaster to attack each arm when the grandmaster calls out the number randomly and he trains at this for years. Jake is now 18 and packs his bags to leave the jungle and there is a sorrowful good bye. Asian teacher says to grandmaster 'that is best martial artist I've ever trained', but none know of Jake and Grandmasters secret training. Jake is now in America and looks at a martial arts promotional sign outside of a great amphitheater and inside is a large martial arts conference where all the experts have now decided in debate that one man cannot really beat two or more because its impossible to control and protect against multiple attackers - all experts agree. They leave the seminar to see Jake outside surrounded by street thugs and Jake points to each thug giving him a number as he thinks back to martialarm training. All laugh at him and they attack, he systematically destroys them all as he recites the numbers calmly as they fall. All the traditional martial arts experts see this outside their seminar proving their theory wrong, and they ask Jake for the secret. He says 'if you want the secret go to Borneo!'


Its More Powerful Than Kryptonite

Superman grows up just as in the film and is immune to all hostility with super strength, until the three terrorists arrive from his home planet of Krypton. They too have superpowers and strength and are far more aggressive than Superman. After numerous run ins he is many times beaten and embarrassed and knows he must find a new way: a technology they don't have. Clark Kent goes to martial arts school and learns kung fu and the martialarm. He is again confronted by the three, the evil smart leader, the big brute and the foxy evil lady. He fights the two men and in the fight the evil leader brings out Kryptonite to harm superman but he uses the martialarm technique to break it out of the enemies grip and easily is beats them. The lady hesitates and sees she has the opportunity to leave the evil as she sees superman will be victorious she tells him of her admiration and the other two are banned from earth and they are forced to fly to another galaxy beaten. Superman and foxy Superwomen fly off to the superman Ice Palace in the north pole and Superman uses the crystal computer system to beam the martialarm secret technology back to the Krypton galaxy to any other good people that may have survived his home world destruction. He sends the secret of earths fighting technology to his people because its more powerful than Kryptonite.

An alternate ending to the original movie but the evil superwoman is the ideal partner for a superman and she was pretty hot - goodbye Lois Lane!


Robin Begins - Forget Batman!

Batman is in Tibet learning the arts of martial combat in prison and in the mountain. Yep, just like the film. Much hardship, and sacrifice and then as in the movie returns to Gotham City to fight crime. It progresses and he wont allow Robin to be Robin as its too dangerous and he works alone. So Robin disheartened decides he must learn to fight and goes for a walk through China Town and sees down a dark alley two Chinese guys practicing wing chun -chi sau (sticking hands) in the back of their restaraunt.

Robin approaches them and asks for the martial secret and they train him on the martialarm in 'Wing and Wongs' Restaurant. Later Batman is in trouble and surrounded getting a beating by the enemy. Robin enters and Batman tells him to flee, instead cool Robin beats all and Batman is amazed and says "Holy, balistical bollocks, Robin where did you learn to fight like that". Robin tells him at 'Wing and Wongs Restarant' and shows Batman the martialarm, Batman curses that he went through hell to learn a second rate fighting style and should of just gone to 'Wings and Wongs' in China Town.

These comics could be distributed everywhere according to decided agreements to publicize both the artistic comics and my products.



An associate said..

"I think these cartoons could work, depending on the angle you take. In this case, I would say go big or go home! Bold, colorful, and over-the-top- and perhaps stylistically speaking, make it an obvious imitation of the old grow-power comics. People will enjoy them for their humour (if you make them over the top) and will have the added bonus of emphasizing the Martial Arm's strengths."

I’m thinking along the lines of the Charles Atlas ads in the US comics but not as corn ball obviously. Using a modern comic book approach would be great opportunity for an up-and-coming illustrator due to your broadcast possiblities. Could get as big as, "The insult that made a man out of mac"

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