We need to modify Influxis LivePresenter Application

Influxis provides us with Flash Media Server and several applications which are included. One of them, is a presentation tool (whiteboard) called “LivePresenter”

This company also provides source files (.fla) of the application which we need to modify drastically to adapt it to our needs. Among those big changes we need, it is the fact that “viewers” or participants should be able to speak with their microphones.



1. We need it to be able to send by parameter the name of the user of each participant. Instead of “viewer_1”, “viewer_2”, etc.” We need to be able to send a parameter to the swf object from our php webpage with the name of the user they already set for our website. This way, we will need to delete the option “change username” of that application.

Audio of the participants.

2. We need that inside of the “viewers” or common users of the application, there will be some who will be able to use microphone and other who don’t. With any parameter to the swf file, we must know which users can speak and which can’t. For those who are authorized to speak…:

User: He should be able to “raise the hand”, requiring authorization to use his microphone in the room. When “asking for microphone”, there should appear an icon of a hand beside the name of the user with a number to indicate the order of the request.

In the list of users or viewers, there should appear a little hand with the number or order in which he had “raise his hand”.

Administrator: He can authorize to use the microphone to anyone he wants. He may give microphone to all authorized to speak if he wants to, and he can remove it to everyone or one by one.

This system (raising hands) it is already done in another application that the same server offers freely to clients, it is called “PresenterChat”.

3. In order to identify which user is speaking we need to add a very little audio level as the administrator has. This image shows in green, yellow and red lines the interlocutor’s audio level. Well, we need something similar, but it should be very little and probably horizontal to put it at the side or at the bottom or top of each user name (those who are using their microphone).

Size and location of the tools:

When adding these functionalities, we think that the dimensions and organization of the application tools can be modified:

4. Increase the width of the application to fit in a resolution of 1024x768px. The administration, user list and chat sections should be wider, not the board itself.

5. We need more space for the users list, especially in the administrator view, that is why we suggest the following:

• Remove the right column with everything regarding to be live, behind the scene, etc. Those things could be placed in the top-left horizontally.

• That way, there will be enough space to place the administrator image to the top of the application.

• Remove the text field called “Selected User” and leave only the buttons “Clear Chat” and “Clear Banned”. User’s Windows should be larger and chat’s Windows just like it is now.

New Administrator Commands:

6. As having the possibility of give the microphone, remove it, and removing some general options that the application had, the administrator should have the following options when clicking on a user name:

* Give the microphone: so user will be able to speak and everybody should be able to hear him.

* Remove Microphone: disables the previous option.

* Ban User: it is the option “ban user” removed from the previous menu.

* Kick User: it is the option “Kick user” removed from the previous menu.


* All modifications we are requesting (giving microphone, speaking users and everyone listening, audio level, banning users, automatic jogging, etc.) are already working in different application that the server [url removed, login to view] gives us, so we can provide the programmer with all the source files (.fla) of that applications so he will have more orientation.

• We will need the final source files (.fla) of the Project.


This is how LivePresenter looks like now:

[url removed, login to view]

We think that once modified, it Could have the following look:

[url removed, login to view]

Here you can see several users “raising hands”, and other two speaking with their microphone besides the moderator.

On the moderator’s side, when he clicks on a user name, it should appear the following menu:

[url removed, login to view]

Finally, on the user’s side, should display an “Ask for Microphone” button, as in the following image:

[url removed, login to view]

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