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My objective is to have an XML Flash carousel menu that serves as a main navigation, built / adapted from similar menus in the given examples but customize it to my desired specs as well as this same menu but with the instances of the icon images on the stage that form the menu, in flash, where I can edit them as opposed to the icons / images loading in from the XML file. This is probably done with an array or something ( I have an example I made with the instances on the stage but would like to enhance it). First look at [url removed, login to view] and download the files for Example Carousel 3, of which, I have also uploaded these same files if you don't want to go to the site. This is a stellar, slick example of what a menu should be and it's XML, even better. The problem is this though, and I know it's something simple and even though I am a designer I am not quite all the way up to par to figure out how I want to achieve what I hope to...even though I have tried tweaking the code...anyway, the problem is when you click on one of the icons it is not loading in external swf files when the rotating carousel menu fades back, the content area with dynamic text loads in and the selected icon moves forward (as an indicator to what section you are on), while as I mentioned before, the rest of the menu fades back. This is beautiful and exactly what I want to emulate (heck, the source files are already provided, hence the 'adapting' blurb in the beginning). However, again, this is my objective: I need those icons and the carousel menu to act as just that, a navigational menu, from which you can click each icon and the content area loads in, and the selected icon moves forward (as an indicator to what section you are on), while as I mentioned before, the rest of the menu fades back just like in that given example from BUT it needs to be done with the use of external swf files. So basically, say you click on the Apple iPod icon, I need it to do exactly what it already does, but set it up with the xml in coordination with the flash of course, to load in that Apple iPod section via an external swf. I then need, the section when it comes in after having chosen the icon to have an intro, rather than you see how the copy just snaps in, I would like the iPod icon to come into focus like it does, while the other menu items fade / scale back out of sight as it also does now, and have the intro of that external swf loading in to play. I would like, when the chosen icon, whatever it may be, is made so I can control where it is layed out in relevance to the content that just loaded in from the external swf. Because if that icon is being loaded in dynamically, it is obviously not part of the loading in swf. I need some control over the positioning of the icon when it comes into focus so it doesn't conflict or overlap the swf that's loading in. Also, because there is an intro to each section / swf loading in, each swf should have an outro that plays when the section is clicked on (when clicked on now, it exits that section and returns to the carousel menu, perfect, I still want it to do that)... but before it does just that, it needs to play that outro. I want a clean, smooth navigation system just as you would build for any microstie for example, or other flash site that has I nice use of intros and outros as opposed to each section just 'cutting' / 'snapping' in. I want this functionality and flexability of external swfs because that is what I am best used to creating and i love dynamic loading content but there is a part of me that is still more comfortable with physical files to edit, such as the swfs loading in, plus it will give it the aforementioned smooth navigation with intros and outros. The tool tips are great, I would leave those. I would think that the whole external swfs concept would be done with loading in a 'movie' parameter in the XML file, which is called from Flash via the attached item / for loop, or vice versa. Please set this up with multiple dummy / mocked up sections as though you could click on each icon in the carousel menu and it will load that dummy section. So, 1.) The carousel menu is up and rotating along with the mouse position just how it's set up now, tool tips show when rolling over each icon. 2.) Click an icon, the rest of the icons fade back and out of site, just as it does now, and the selected icon appears to be pulled from the carousel menu and set focus on (as an indicator to which section you are on, kinda like a highlight state on a nav button), while that section's swf loads in, and the intro of it plays, residing on the section and it's content. Now, you're done viewing / browsing that section and want to return to the carousel menu or if you will, the main navigation just as you would going to another page on a web site. So you click on the icon that is set focus on from before, the outro of the currently loaded in swf plays and just like how the file is already set up now, the icon , what I liked to call 'Genie effect', falls back down into the carousel menu where it was before and presto, chango, you're back at the menu, ready to go to another section from one of the other icons that has it's own swf and so on and so forth...pheww...okay, I hope I explained this well...haha. I really love this menu but need to make it that next step up so it customized to my fit and that is the whole loading, unloading, intro, outro concept. Most of the project is almost done, given you have the files mentioned, and which, are below so this shouldn't be anything too crazy, it's just honestly, I'm a great designer and I do love flash, but I'd rather pay someone for their hard work rather than rack my brain out trying to shoot in the dark doing crazy actionscripting. I actually have done some pretty neat stuff, but I just don't have the time for this particular project and need help.

Here are the reference files for above (Example Carousel 3):

[url removed, login to view]

But wait, there's more! Now for the menu that I mentioned earlier, i would like to preferably, create the same carousel menu above with all the same functionality and concept but technically, I want the icon instances / images on the stage, in Flash as opposed to loading them in via the XML file. For this I have included another example

( [url removed, login to view] ), which is done by your very own, it is one i do actually like quite a bit and I've set it up so that each one of those icons you're seeing acts like a button, and I would be able to put the same code on them to achieve the whole intro / outro navigation system as described above. I don't have anything set up yet when you click each one, just in Flash, I have some trace statements so I know each one works as it traces a test message string. So...this example is just showing you the carousel menu I created but the instances are on the stage in Flash. If this is at all possible, putting the icon instances / images on the stage with the file above from [url removed, login to view], that would be wonderful! If this isn't possible, I'll stick with the one I made but I would like to request that something be set up for it with a yradius type of var to control the tilt / angle of the menu as a whole, this is kind of hard to illustrate. Here are some screenshots of what I mean. Look at the, what I believe, is the yradius from code I have looked, how the spacing is different in the middle from back to front, one example is tilted on it's y axis much more:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Reference again, of the menu I am did that I'm talking about in case you didn't get it the first time:

[url removed, login to view]

It would be nice to just apply this var to the file I already have since I don't know how to do it because right now I am just moving the png images in the instances down a bit on the stage and it is creating the illusion of what that yradius does. If possible as well, I would like to take the same intro / outro navigation system with external swf files and apply it to the menu right above that I made. So that when you click on one of the icons it will do the same thing. It may be questioned, well this be the same as the second version of the menu at [url removed, login to view] that I request but with the instances on the stage? Yes, it is but it would be applied to the menu I created as I am more acquainted with it.

Thank you so much, and look forward to seeing the end product!! ;)

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